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Membership• John F.W. Rogers
• Frederick Kempe
• James L. Jones Jr.
• Brent Scowcroft
• Adrienne Arsht
• Stephen J. Hadley
• Robert J. Abernethy
• Richard Edelman
• C. Boyden Gray
• Alexander V. Mirtchev
• John Studzinski
• George Lund
• Walter B. Slocombe
• Stéphane Abrial
• Odeh Aburdene
• Todd Achilles
• Peter Ackerman
• Timothy D. Adams
• Michael Andersson
• David D. Aufhauser
• Colleen Bell
• Matthew Bernstein
• Rafic Bizri
• Dennis Blair
• Philip M. Breedlove
• Myron Brilliant
• Esther Brimmer
• R. Nicholas Burns
• Richard R. Burt
• Michael Calvey
• James E. Cartwright
• John E. Chapoton
• Ahmed Charai
• Melanie Chen
• Michael Chertoff
• George Chopivsky
• Wesley K. Clark
• Helima Croft
• Ralph D. Crosby Jr.
• Ankit N. Desai
• Dario Deste
• Paula J. Dobriansky
• Thomas J. Egan Jr.
• Stuart E. Eizenstat
• Thomas R. Eldridge
• Alan H. Fleischmann
• Jendayi E. Frazer
• Ronald M. Freeman
• Courtney Geduldig
• Robert S. Gelbard
• Gianni Di Giovanni
• Thomas Glocer
• John B. Goodman
• Sherri W. Goodman
• Murathan Günal
• Amir Handjani
• Katie Harbath
• John D. Harris II
• Frank Haun
• Michael V. Hayden
• Amos Hochstein
• Karl Hopkins
• Robert Hormats
• Andrew Hove
• Mary L. Howell
• Ian Ihnatowycz
• Wolfgang Ischinger
• Deborah Lee James
• Joia M. Johnson
• Stephen R. Kappes
• Maria Pica Karp
• Andre Kelleners
• Astri Kimball Van Dyke
• Henry A. Kissinger
• C. Jeffrey Knittel
• Franklin D. Kramer
• Laura Lane
• Jan M. Lodal
• Douglas Lute
• Jane Holl Lute
• William J. Lynn
• Mian M. Mansha
• Chris Marlin
• William Marron
• Neil Masterson
• Gerardo Mato
• Timothy McBride
• Erin L. McGrain
• John M. McHugh
• H.R. McMaster
• Eric D.K. Melby
• Judith A. Miller
• Dariusz Mioduski
• Susan Molinari
• Michael Morell
• Richard L. Morningstar
• Virginia A. Mulberger
• Mary Claire Murphy
• Edward J. Newberry
• Thomas R. Nides
• Franco Nuschese
• Joseph S. Nye
• Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg
• Ahmet Oren
• Sally A. Painter
• Ana Palacio
• Kostas Pantazopoulos
• Carlos Pascual
• W. DeVier Pierson
• Alan Pellegrini
• David H. Petraeus
• Lisa Pollina
• Daniel B. Poneman
• Dina H. Powell McCormick
• Robert Rangel
• Thomas J. Ridge
• Michael J. Rogers
• Charles O. Rossotti
• Harry Sachinis
• Curtis Michael Scaparrotti
• Rajiv Shah
• Stephen Shapiro
• Wendy Sherman
• Kris Singh
• Christopher Smith
• James Stavridis
• Richard J.A. Steele
• Mary Streett
• Frances M. Townsend
• Clyde C. Tuggle
• Melanne Verveer
• Charles F. Wald
• Michael F. Walsh
• Ronald Weiser
• Geir Westgaard
• Olin Wethington
• Maciej Witucki
• Neal S. Wolin
• Jenny Wood
• Guang Yang
• Mary C. Yates
• Dov S. Zakheim
• James A. Baker III
• Ashton B. Carter
• Robert M. Gates
• Michael G. Mullen
• Leon E. Panetta
• William J. Perry
• Colin L. Powell
• Condoleezza Rice
• George P. Shultz
• Horst Teltschik
• John W. Warner
• William H. Webster
• Carol C. Adelman
• Michael Ansari
• Lucy Wilson Benson
• Julia Chang Bloch
• John Craddock
• Brian Dailey
• Kenneth W. Dam
• Chris J. Dodd
• Lacey Neuhaus Dorn
• Conrado Dornier
• Stanley Ebner
• Julie Finley
• Chas W. Freeman
• Carlton W. Fulford Jr.
• Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr.
• John A. Gordon
• Barbara Hackman Franklin
• Brian C. McK. Henderson
• Marten H.A. van Heuven
• Robert L. Hutchings
• George A. Joulwan
• Roger Kirk
• Geraldine S. Kunstadter
• Philip Lader
• Henrik Liljegren
• John D. Macomber
• Wendy W. Makins
• James P. McCarthy
• Franklin C. Miller
• George E. Moose
• Philip A. Odeen
• Thomas R. Pickering
• Joseph W. Ralston
• Marjorie Scardino
• William O. Schmieder
• Kiron Skinner
• Paula Stern
• William H. Taft IV
• Ronald P. Verdicchio
• Enzo Viscusi
• Carl E. Vuono
• J. Robinson West
• R. James Woolsey
• David McCormick
• Frederick Kempe
• Madeleine Albright
• Philippe Amon
• Tewodros Ashenafi
• Shaukat Aziz
• José María Aznar
• Alain Bejjani
• Carl Bildt
• Fatih Birol
• J. Neal Blue
• Victor L.L. Chu
• James Clapper
• Joseph F. Dunford
• Richard Edelman
• Meg Gentle
• Mario Greco
• Mehmet N. Günal
• Charles T. Hagel
• Bahaa R. Hariri
• Gregory J. Hayes
• Marillyn A. Hewson
• Yongsoo Huh
• Hunter Hunt
• Majid H. Jafar
• Micael Johansson
• Aleksander Kwaśniewski
• Giampiero Massolo
• Ernest Moniz
• Robert E. Moritz
• Rupert Murdoch
• Ebru Özdemir
• Dimitri Papalexopoulos
• Victor Pinchuk
• Lord Robertson
• Kevin M. Rudd
• Stephen A. Schwarzman
• James C. Smith
• Lawrence H. Summers
• Adam Tan
• James C. Temerty
• Helle Thorning-Schmidt
• Jacob Wallenberg
• Robert B. Zoellick
• Arnold Kanter
• Zalmay Khalilzad
• Robert Scalapino
Members of the Atlantic Council Board of Directors and International Advisory Board per 2020

This is a list of Board of Directors[1] and International Advisory Board[2] per February 2020, plus some older members.[3]


Known members

71 of the 242 of the members already have pages here:

Madeleine AlbrightRuthless politician, acquired and beloved by everyone named Clinton in the 1990s. Hero of Kosovo. Most powerful woman of all time according to ISGP's superclass index. When asked about half a million dead Iraqi children because of the sanctions she enforced, she replied "We think the price is worth it."
Adrienne ArshtExecutive Vice Chair of Atlantic Council
Tewodros AshenafiEthiopian businessman on the board of Atlantic Council with a monopoly in many of the country's industries
Shaukat AzizTri-national Citibank executive with "close ties" to the US deep state. Parachuted in to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Cercle member.
José María AznarPrime Minister of Spain 1996-2004, "If Israel goes down, we all go down", various deep state connections
James BakerUS DSO, many deep state connections from the Atlantic Council to the US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce
Colleen Bell
Carl BildtSwedish deep politician, serial Bilderberger and visitor to the MSC. Sitting on an impressive number of deep state related commissions.
Dennis BlairRay McGovern wrote in 2010 that Blair was sacked as Director of National Intelligence because he "did not show the malleability"
Philip BreedloveSupreme Allied Commander Europe
Myron BrilliantBridge between the business world and the intelligence-connected organizations. Also lobbyist for free trade agreements.
R. Nicholas BurnsUS Ambassador to NATO 2001-2005, plenty of other deep state connected roles
Richard BurtUS Deep state operative who took part in the discussion about "terrorism" at the 1986 Bilderberg. Founded Diligence
Ashton CarterFormer US Secretary of Defense
Michael ChertoffA long-standing US Republican Party apparatchik and dual US/Israeli citizen who has held senior US legal and national security positions.
Wesley Clark“In 2001, in the Pentagon, a general told me : ‘I just received a classified memo from the Secretary of Defense: we will take seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally, Iran.’”
Kenneth DamEconomist who was US Deputy Secretary of State, with a heavy Bilderberg habit.
Paula DobrianskySpookily connected US politician
Joseph DunfordChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 2015-2019
Stuart EizenstatUS lawyer/diplomat and possible deep state operative
Charles FreemanLong time president of the Middle East Policy Council. Close relations to Saudi Arabia and Iran. Le Cercle, Bilderberg
Robert GatesUS deep state actor and spook
John A. GordonHeld a variety of posts in the US government including Homeland Security Advisor 2003-4, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence 1997-2000
C. Boyden GrayGeorge H. W. Bush's White House Counsel
Stephen HadleyUS Deputy National Security Advisor during George W. Bush's first term
Michael HaydenUS Spook, NSA Director 1999-2005, CIA Director 2006-2009, News Guard advisory board
Robert D. HormatsDeep state connected vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates.
Wolfgang IschingerSpooky German diplomat. Chaired the Munich Security Conference
Deborah Lee James30 years of senior homeland and national security bureaucratic and administrative experience in the U.S. federal government and the private sector.
Arnold KanterSpooky US deep state functionary. Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, part of Brent Scowcroft’s National Security Council staff.
Frederick KempeSpook and deep state actor
Zalmay KhalilzadUS deep state actor who has been central in shaping the US policy towards Afghanistan
Henry KissingerUS deep politician, 40+ Bilderbergs, Nobel peace prize, war criminal
Aleksander KwaśniewskiAs President of Poland, let the CIA run a secret prison on Polish territory
Philip LaderUS Ambassador to the UK 1997-2001
Jan LodalFormer Chairman of Atlantic Council
Douglas LuteDiplomat soldier on a lotof boards, US Ambassador to NATO 2013-2017
Giampiero MassoloSpooky career diplomat. Coordinator of Italian intelligence services 2012-2016. Member of the Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission and on the Executive Committee of the Aspen Institute Italia.
H. R. McMasterSingle Bilderberger US general
Ernest MonizUS deep state operative who took place in multiple WEF "pandemic exercises", US Secretary of Energy 2013-17
Michael Morell33 years in the CIA, twice acting director
Michael MullenChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 2007-2011, attended his first Bilderberg in 2022
Rupert MurdochAustralian-American media mogul who uses his power as part of the deep state.
Thomas NidesGovernment official rewarded with job at Morgan Stanley. Board member of Atlantic Council. United States Ambassador to Israel.
Joseph NyeUS deep state connected academic who wrote in June 2021 that Vaccinating the world against Covid-19 is in America’s national interest
Ana PalacioSpanish politician
Leon Panetta
Dimitrios PapalexopoulosGreek business leader
William PerryAttended the 1996 Bilderberg as US Secretary of Defense
David PetraeusSpooky general, DCIA, Multi-Bilderberg
... further results
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