American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1988

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Group.png American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1988
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Membership• Hans Albrecht
• Birgit Beckmann
• Paul A.R. Berczeller
• Joshua B. Bolten
• Edelgard Bulmahn
• Annette Busse
• James W. Cicconi
• Lew Wallace Cramer
• Eric Duncan
• Gary R. Edson
• Christoph Ehlers
• Gerhard Fischer
• Andrew V. Frankel
• Heinrich Geppert
• Joshua Gotbaum
• Walther Graetsch
• Mark Charles Helmke
• Jochen Hippler
• André von Holtzapfel
• René Gordon Holzheimer
• Rose Gerrit Huy
• Mary Jo Jacobi-Jephson
• Michael Allen Jacobs
• Clemens J. Joos
• Lauren J. Kelley
• R. Craig Kennedy
• Bonnie L. Koenig
• Theo Hans Koll
• Glenn Scott Kolleeny
• Richard H. Kreindler
• Michael Lepach
• Peter Linzbach
• Gale A. Mattox
• Kenneth Basil Moss
• Linda M. Paulmeno Sewell
• Farley Mills Peters
• Wolfgang Pieper
• Alexander H. Plat
• Wolfgang Ploch
• Cornelius Prittwitz
• Fred W. Reinke
• Karen Crystalien Saunders
• Michael Staack
• Johannes v. Thadden
• Peter Weitz
• H. Alexander Wise nJr
• Mark A. Young

These are the American Council on Germany's Young Leaders for 1988[1]. The following year's cadre's is at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1989, the previous year's at American Council on Germany/Young Leaders/1986.


Known member

1 of the 47 of the members already have pages here:

James W. CicconiGeorge H. W. Bush connected insider.