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John F. Kerry addressing the 2016 conference.
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MottoPeace through Dialog
FounderEwald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin
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Sponsored byBill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mercator Foundation
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Series of annual "Russophobia-drenched" conferences since 1963 on international security policy.

The Munich Security Conference is a deep state milieu that Pepe Escobar termed "Russophobia-drenched"[1] and that Joël van der Reijden laments as "always hopelessly overlooked in conspiracy circles. Many visitors later show up in western governments."[2] This site has a page for 15 meetings, attended by a total of 13246 guests.

Henry Kissinger at the 2012 MSC

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Around 600 guests attend the conference. Their website boasts that it hosts some "of the most important decision-makers in the realm of international security policy".


Full article: Stub class article Munich Security Conference/Meeting

The group meets annually in Munich. The 2019 Munich Security Conference included "A Spreading Plague" aimed at "identifying gaps and making recommendations to improve the global system for responding to deliberate, high consequence biological events."


Full article: Munich Security Conference/Guests

This site records 13246 guests to the Munich Security Conference, including deep state operatives with a range of public facing roles including politicians, diplomats and journalists. Over 171 people have attended six or more Munich Security Conferences and at least 247 attendees have also attended the Bilderberg.

Advisory Council

Full article: Munich Security Conference/Advisory Council


"Charter of Trust for cybersecurity"

In February 2008, the MSC was reported on by the commercially-controlled media after large corporations agreed a "Charter of Trust for cybersecurity", an idea floated by Siemens CEO, Joe Kaeser, at the World Economic Forum in 2007.[3]


An event carried out

2021 Monkeypox Tabletop ExerciseA 2021 biological exercise which (resciently) predicted the monkeypox pandemic which started in mid May 2022



Preventing Global Catastrophic Biological RisksSimulation of a global influenza pandemic predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Held February 2020, with a who-is-who of pandemic planners. Held February 2020.



Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationVery influential and rich foundation established to take leadership of global health.
Mercator FoundationGerman foundation financing projects of deep state interest and buying control over the narrative, especially on "climate change" and pro-migration. Frequently connected to censorship initiatives.
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