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Started: 2009

Member of: Poynter Institute/List, PropOrNot/List

Main focus: False flags

Washington's Blog was an independent news and analysis blog. Per December 2020 it seems to be defunct, part of the political contents removed and it has overall been changed to a "lifestyle and entertainment" website. Parts of its archive is available at Global Research.


The website was attacked and taken offline sometime after October 2019[1] and appeared to be defunct[2] or bought up.[3] It is available again by 12/2020 but notably, highly relevant articles by George Eliason that have been published there are currently not available.[4] The about-us gives a very generic:

Established in 2009, Washington's Blog is your go-to source for entertainment and news online. We strive everyday to bring you the best content on the planet.[5]

It is possible that the domain and website have been taken over by private cyber contractors that Eliason pointed out before.[6][7] It displays a "Domain for Sale" message by 23 Feb 2021.[8] By May 2022 it has become a generic generated advertising website.[9]

False Flag

Washington's Blog published an image of Google Trends data, showing that after the Boston Bombing, interest in False Flags was an all time high:

False flag google trends.jpg

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Documents sourced from Washington's Blog

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Donald Rumsfeld and the demolition of WTC 7article9-11/WTC Controlled demolition
Donald Rumsfeld
22 May 2014Kevin RyanFurther evidence of Donald Rumsfeld's complicity in the events of 9/11, with particular reference to his substantial connection to WTC7 and his lying about it and its destruction..
Document:Obama Should Release MH-17 IntelMemorandumMalaysia Airlines Flight 1722 July 2015Veteran Intelligence Professionals for SanityUS Intelligence Officials Demand that Obama Release MH-17 Intel
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