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Membership• Bahadır Kaleağası
• Livio Manzini
• Didier Billion
• Didem Bora Özler
• Taner Horoz
• Guillaume Lejeune
• Franck Mereyde
• Denis Simonneau
• B. Can Yücaoğlu
• Michel Ak
• Ali Utku Atalay
• Nur Beler Levi
• Nicolas de Courcelles
• Haluk R. Tükel
• N. Ümit Boyner
• Augustin de Romanet
• Henri de Castries
• Anne Lauvergeon
• Kemal Derviş
• Jean-Pierre Jouyet
• Alain Juppé
• Catherine Lalumière
• Pierre Moscovici
• Catherine Tasca
• Alexandre Adler
• Lucien Arkas
• Serap Atan
• Ahmet Aykaç
• Pekin Baran
• Joachim Bitterlich
• Yavuz Canevi
• Eric Chaney
• Béatrice de Clermont Tonnerre
• Hélène Conway-Moure
• Laurence Daziano
• Alain Delcamp
• Michel Duclos
• Laurence Dumont
• Sedef Ecer
• Oya Eczacıbaşı
• Claude Fischer
• Stéphane Fouks
• Bernard Guetta
• Elisabeth Guigou
• Kadri Gürsel
• Nedim Gürsel
• Rıza Kadılar
• Simone Kaslowski
• Aldo Kaslowski
• Pierre Lellouche
• Thierry de Montbrial
• Soli Özel
• Alain Richard
• Güler Sabancı
• Alain de Savigny
• Bernard Soulage
• Mustafa Sani Şener
• Haluk Tükel
• Selçuk Tümay
• Füsun Türkmen
• Sinan Ülgen
• Denis Verret
• Selim Yenel
• Muharrem Yılmaz
• Barçın Yinanç
Franco-Turkish think tank and deep state milieu. Heavy Bilderberger presence.

The Bosphorus Institute (French: Institut du Bosphore) is a think-tank of high-level Turkish and French personalities from various backgrounds including politicians, businessmen, economists, experts and intellectuals. The stated mission of the Institut du Bosphore is to bolster free and objective links between France and Turkey.[1][2][3]

The Institute debates topics such as global politics, economy, social and cultural issues with a view to highlighting Turkey's involvement in global society and in particular its close ties with the European Union and France. It facilitates common reflection of French and Turkish people on Europe and current global issues.[4][5]

Thierry Meyssan, an independent analyst of the French deep state, describes it without specifying further:

The Bosphorus Institute made it possible to identify and corrupt various personalities from the right and the left who lent their support to Macron.[6]

In 2021, the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) rejected remarks in a French Senate report about the work of the Institut du Bosphore, titled “Better protection of our scientific heritage and our academic freedom”[7]

The report states

The financing and creation of think-tanks which promote theses favorable to the positions of the regime is the second aspect of the Turkish strategy of influence in higher education. The advantage of think-tanks is that the line between research and lobbying is in some cases difficult to draw, and their regulation is weaker.[8]
The Bosphorus Institute is a think tank created at the initiative of TÜSİAD), an association of industries and businesses in Turkey....According to its website, its "main mission is to be one of the active drivers of debates on Turkey in France, in particular through the organization of leading events". According to the elements reported concerning his work, these are rarely "untruths", but more theses and notes which would present only one point of view, or which voluntarily omit aspects of a problem. In addition, it appears that the Bosphorus Institute identifies the authors of articles on Turkey, which could be interpreted by some researchers as a form of “tracking” or surveillance.[8]


Known members

13 of the 65 of the members already have pages here:

Alexandre AdlerFrench academic
Yavuz CaneviAttended the 1986 Bilderberg as Governor of the Turkish Central Bank
Henri de Castries"French President of Bilderberg"
Kemal DervişUNDP administrator, 4 times Bilderberger, Brookings
Bernard GuettaFrench journalist
Jean-Pierre JouyetChief of Staff of President of France 2014-17, attended the 2008 Bilderberg
Alain JuppéFrench PM, suspected deep state operative, Bilderberg, Le Cercle
Anne LauvergeonDouble Bilderberg French businesswoman. Many directorships
Pierre LelloucheFrench politician
Thierry de MontbrialFrench deep politician with his own intelligence agency. Former serial Bilderberger
Pierre MoscoviciWEF French politician
Soli ÖzelQuad Bilderberger journalist and academic
Sinan ÜlgenTurkish diplomat on the supranational think tank circuit
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