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An encyclopaedia of deep politics
Former Airman and Comedian George Carlin died in June of 2008. One of Carlin's most famous pieces, shown here, tells why the US has deteriorated.
June 2022 in the news: The annual Bilderberg annual meeting takes place this month. Did you know last year the Libertarian party of New Hampshire faced a coup?
Did you know, 21 years ago, the Peruvian government revealed in a Truth and Reconciliation commission CIA-backed Alberto Fujimoris leadership in the 1990s killed 70000 people?
Did you know, a 21 year old nurse was shot after she and other medics, walking with their hands up and wearing white vests, approached the Israeli-Gaza border fence in order to treat a wounded protester in 2018?
Remembering Ronald Reagan - who died in June 2004 - with a short musical intro about Iran-Contra: a CIA drugs and weapons smuggling deal led by former CIA director and then Vice-President Bush Sr.
June is also the month of the US Congress January 6 committee and the birthday of its alleged perpetrator: Donald Trump