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As a non-commercial, open licenced volunteer undertaking, Wikispooks gathers content from similarly licensed sites and cites its sources. The following sites deserve a particular mention as substantial sources of Wikispooks content. All are worthy of support and a regular visit:

Cryptome The Grand-daddy of all leaked, secret and/or 'embarrassing to Authority' archives
Deep Politics Forum A 'Deep Politics' discussion group with a large archive of related documents and video
MediaLens A site dedicated to exposing the essentially propagandist nature of the mainstream media
SourceWatch A US based wiki-encyclopedia of people, organizations, and issues shaping the public agenda.
SpinProfiles A UK based wiki project that seeks to expose the reality behind 'official narrative' spin
Wikileaks A site to protect and assist whistleblowers share sensitive materials to communicate to the public - or so it claims
Wikipedia Compendious information on almost any topic, but fatally flawed on matters such as deep politics.

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