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If you feel like you're living in some Orwellian nightmare - plugged right into The Matrix even - then you're in the right place. No matter how messed up you thought the world was, by the time you've finished reading some of the things here on Wikispooks, you'll realise that 1984 was just a typo!

Hat tip to Edward Chanter



Almost all the content on this site may be edited by any registered user. Most Wikispooks editors make strenuous efforts to frustrate the agendas of spooks, spammers, paid or amateur saboteurs etc. but there is no shortage of smoke and mirrors disinformation out there - so amidst the tens of thousands of pages on this site, there is no doubt some here, too :-( Therefore...

  1. Take what you find here with a hefty pinch of salt - though we hope of course to improve on the official narrative of the commercially-controlled media!

  2. Content does not necessarily reflect anyone's true opinions - if you consider a page here inaccurate, go ahead and edit it (but see #3, below)!

  3. Archived, 3rd Party Files (i.e. beginning "Document:" or "File:") - are posted as is, not edited, and their posting does not imply endorsement of their contents.
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