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The Israeli Deep state is important and highly influential, but not well documented.

The Israeli Deep state is important and highly influential, but not well documented. Due to the size and reach of its military-intelligence complex, it can be hard to distinguish from the rest of Israeli activities.


There are traditionally two patronage networks around the Labor Party and Likud.[1] The lines are blurry.


In 1979 the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism saw around 700 people, including at least 4 members of Le Cercle and key members of the Israeli, US and UK Deep states meet to coordinate regarding international "terrorism". The 4 day conference was convened by Benjamin Netanyahu of the Jonathan Institute.[2]


Prime Minster Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by a "lone nut" in 1993.


On 18 March 2020, David Halbfinger and Isabel Kershner wrote for the New York Times that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “was supposed to be facing trial this week on bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges." Instead, he was shutting down the courts and ordering Israel’s internal security service to identify people who should be quarantined using data harvested from their phones.

Both of those extraordinary moves, announced in the dead of night on Sunday and Tuesday, were made in the name of combating the coronavirus. The court shutdown also had the effect of delaying Mr. Netanyahu’s corruption trial by two months.” [3]



Full article: Mossad

Mossad are widely believed to have been crucial to the events of September 11, 2001.[4]

Wexner Fellowship

In 1989, the Wexner Israel Fellowship program was created by Les Wexner - a close dependent of Jeffrey Epstein - to support a number of "outstanding Israeli public officials earning their Mid-Career Master of Public Administration (MC/MPA) at Harvard Kennedy School." Wexner Israel Fellow programs and its active alumni community have given Wexner considerable clout with prominent Israelis in major positions in government and industry.


Full article: “Antisemitism”

The charge of "antisemitism" has been widely used for decades to try to stifle any criticism of Israel, including by Jews or Israelis. As of 2020 aggressive moves were ongoing to try to criminalise the BDS policy of non-violent resistance to Israeli policies.

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