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Contacting Particular Wikispooks Authors/editors

Wikispooks is a crowd-sourced project, so content is typically authored by many people and drawn from multiple sources. To contact the author(s) of a particular article or other page edit, first use the top 'View History' tab to see which users have edited it. You can then use either:

  • Privately - use the Wikispooks email contact facility Accessible from the left-hand 'Toolbox' menu when viewing a user page if the user has email enabled.
  • Publicly - post a message on the talk page of the relevant user.

Contacting Wikispooks Administration

Email to admin[at] (using the Wikispooks PGP public key to encrypt the communication is recommended). To become and editor, apply at Request Account, but read these guidelines first.

General Discussion

For public discussions with the wikispooks community about a particular page, use the corresponding 'Discussion' page.

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