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Semantic Object Templates:        DecadePlaceTimelineYearDisambiguation

This template is an object for pages about ideas which don't fit other categories.

It should be included at the top of all such pages.

Blue parameters are for a single Wikispooks page name (If no suitable page exists, then pick a title for a future page)
Brown parameters are for numbers
Green parameters are for comma-separated lists of page names (Or planned page names).
Navy parameters are for dates
Orange parameters are for booleans. (Usually, either "Yes" or just leave blank).
Purple parameters are URLs.
Violet parameters are slash-separated lists.
Pink parameters are for coordinates.
Crossed out parameters were formerly available, but have been upgraded. Some may still work, but do not use these.

See concept for a list of pages that use this template.

Usage: All sections are optional.

|description = <500 word plaintext summary (Property:Description)
|glossary = WikitextPlaintext summary for the glossary (major terms only). (Property:GlossaryDescription)
|name = Use if it differs from the PAGENAME
|logo = Concept logo (Property:Has logo), (Property:Has logo2)
|logo_alt = Alt text for the concept logo
|logo_caption =
|logo_credit = URL from which the logo is sourced
|logo_width = (defaults to "250px")
|image = Image for use in the infobox (Property:Has image), (Property:Has image2)
|image_alt = Alt text for image
|image_caption = Image caption
|image_credit = URL from which the image is sourced
|image_ref = URL of the source
|image_width = (defaults to "250px")
|type = (Property:Has conceptType)
|start = When the concept was founded (Property:Start)
|end = (Where applicable), when the concept ended (Property:End)[Example Needed]
|wikipedia = URL of the concept's Wikipedia page, if any (Property:Has wikipediaPage)
|wikipedia_protection = Set to 1 if the wikipedia page is edit protected, 0 or empty otherwise (Property:Has wikipediaProtection)
|cavdef = URL of the concept's cavdef page (Property:Has cavdef)
|cspan = URL of the concept's C-SPAN page (Property:Has cspan)
|facebook = URL of the concept's facebook page (Property:Has facebook)
|historycommons = URL of the concept's History commons page (Property:Has historycommons)
|imdb = URL of the concept's IMDB page (Property:Has imdb)
|infogalactic = URL of the concept's Infogalactic page (Property:Has infogalactic)
|isgp = URL of the concept's ISGP page (Property:Has isgp)
|linkedin = URL of the concept's linkedin page (Property:Has linkedin)
|namebase = URL of the concept's namebase page (Property:Has namebase)
|nndb = URL of the concept's NNDB page (Property:Has nndb)
|powerbase = URL of the concept's powerbase page (Property:Has powerbase)
|saidit = URL of the concept's saidit category page (Property:Has saidit)
|sourcewatch = URL of the concept's sourcewatch page (Property:Has sourcewatch)
|spartacus = URL of the concept's Spartacus page (Property:Has spartacus)
|constitutes= suitable descriptions of this concept (Property:Constitutes)
|website = A URL of particular relevance to the concept, (Property:Has website)
|facilitates= Comma separated list of what it facilitates (Property:Has facilitator)
|founders= Comma separated list of founders (Property:Has founder)
|predecessors = Which concept(s) this one replaces/ was developed from
|successors = If obsolete, which concept(s) this was replaced by
|key_properties= Slash separated list of important properties of this page (Property:Has keyProperties)
|key_property_headers= Slash separated list of property descriptions (same length as the above) (Property:Has keyPropertyHeaders)
|abbreviation = Concept abbreviation
|so_called = Set to 1 to illustrate concern about the language, 0 or empty otherwise (Property:So called) - For flagging up deceitful language such as the "War on Terror"
|ON_constitutes= suitable descriptions of this event (Property:ON_constitutes)
For concepts which are whistleblowers:
|exposed = Pagename(s) of what this person exposed (Property:Exposed)