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The most important main: namespace templates are:

All items in the document: namespace must be of type document.

The full breakdown of WikiSpooks:Semantic Objects is as follows:

                  Object Name                  #ObjectsStatusDescription      Infobox template      
Concept590stableThis is a catch-all object, to be used on all pages where the other objects don't apply. Extra top level objects will probably be split off from it in due course.Infobox
Decade17experimentalThe object for calendar decades.
Document1,347stableThis object is only to be used for pages in the document: namespace. It is for documents created by 3rd parties.
Employment518stableThe object for names of jobs important enough to have their own Wikispooks page.Infobox
Event626stableThe object for experiences/operations that happened, will happen or were planned to happen.Infobox event
Group1,561stableThe object for groups of people. For individuals, use 'person'Infobox organization
Person4,895stableUse if the subject of the page is an individual human being. For multiple people, use the 'Group' object.Infobox person
Place61experimentalThis experimental object is for regions, cities, grassy knolls, wine cellars etc.Infobox settlement
Property175stableThe relationships used by SMW to connect pages together. This object mandated for the property: namespace.
Publication104experimentalThis is for pages in the Main: namespace about 3rd party publications. For the contents of these publications, use Template:Document in the Document: namespace.Infobox
Quotation149experimentalUse if the subject of the page is an individual human being. For multiple people, use the 'Group' object.
Video65stableThe object for videos.
Website168stableThe object for websites. This is currently the only main namespace object which doesn't have an infobox.
Year174stableThe object for calendar years.
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Facts about "SMWObject"
Display docTypeWikiSpooks Page +
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Has fullPageNameeWikispooks:SMWObject +
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Is not stubtrue +