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Note: This page will be updated to include an archive of video's shown on the main page.

Videos which have previously been displayed on the main page

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Operation Gladio: Operatiën en Inlichtingen.

The only subtitled TV documentary throughout Europe about Gladio from a non-English speaking source. Note; Belgian Gladio member Jean Marie Creton mentioned here was the supplier of the weapons in the 2004 Madrid train bombings. Interesting. The host was shot dead in 2021.
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Five Eyes - What is it and Why is it important? - Carmine S

With Chinese "spying" increasing, it is good to look at the current worldwide spying programs the CIA have set up with 13 other countries. Meet Five Eyes and the Echelon program, and learn why using VPN's - if it's not just for using Netflix - is a bad idea.
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Dutroux and the death witnesses.

Marc Dutroux was a Belgian paedophile that said upon arrest that he was part of a sex trafficking VIPedophile network of hundreds of businessmen, politicians and police officers. While he was awaiting trial, dozens of witnesses all died under weird circumstances. This TV documentary was removed from the net, only to be reuploaded to Youtube in 2013.
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December 2022

JFK yearly remembrance: Operation Northwoods. You won't believe what the US Generals asked Kennedy to do before he was assassinated.

In 1962, the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan how they wanted to invade Cuba. They told President Kennedy they wanted to use CIA spooks - using fake Cuban passports - hijack American passenger aircraft, landing them, and then letting replacement or drone planes (optionally remotely controlled) be shot out of the sky. The plan also opted to attack passenger cruise ships with jet fighters, killing their Marines in Cuba and kill Cuban refugees in a mass murder event in the US. Kennedy was shocked and fired Chairman of the USJCOF Lyman Lemnitzer some time after. Operation Northwoods was not revealed until 5 months before 9/11. Does this plan sound familiar to you?
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November 2022 - FIFA WC Special

FIFA World Cup Special: Saudi-Qatar conflict – Middle East Politics

During the FIFA World Cup, you will hear about Qatar doing bad things to build all their stadiums. But why is the Western media so focused on Qatar? Isn't this Qatar a small pawn in a power struggle between Iran (One of the CIA's first projects) & Saudi Arabia (purposely still not punished for their 9-11 Involvement)? This video explains why other gulf countries want Qatar to stop “playing both sides”, why they're staying silent in this PR campaign against Qatar to force Qatar into choosing an alliance, and how the US is… again… involved in this.
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FIFA World Cup special – The Qatar Blockade – The last time the US-Saudi-Israeli Alliance tried to force Qatar with a PR campaign into choosing a side

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October 2022 US election special

New Rule: The United States of Dumb-merica - Apart from asking yourself "does voting really matter", comedian Bill Maher shows in this clip how dumb Americans have become. It also shows why these politicians have the most predictable, cliché ads, and why they use all these plastic words. Could these politicians be assets for different parts of the MICC

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June 2022

American Dad - Iran-Contra

Remembering Ronald Reagan - who died in June 2004 - with a short musical intro about Iran-Contra: a CIA drugs and weapons smuggling deal led by former CIA director and then Vice-President Bush Sr..
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Life is Worth losing - Dumb Americans

Former Airman and Comedian George Carlin died in June of 2008. One of Carlin's most famous pieces, shown here, tells why the US has deteriorated.
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September 2014

Who is Vladimir Putin?

Renowned Russian economist Mikhail Khazin shares his view of Putin and of Putin's current position vis-à-vis the hostile and Russophobic West. A rare insider view of what is really happening behind the Kremlin walls.
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George Galloway on his assault by an IDF fanatic

Galloway is a British MP and long-time fierce advocate for the Palestinian cause. He was viciously assaulted in a London Street by a fanatical Israel-firster and the silence of the Commercially-controlled media was deafening
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