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Please report bugs here. This section of Wikispooks pages is about all the software used to run this site, with the exception of Semantic Mediawiki, which has its own section. See Wikispooks:Templates for the templates written expressly for this site.

Site Backup

Full article: Wikispooks:Site Backup

Wikispooks publishes online backups every week. The Compressed.gifserver image, currently 13 Gb, includes all software and data you need to run a site mirror on your own webserver. Our content is open licensed (CC-A-SA) and you are encouraged to freely share it with others.


Full article: Special:Version

The Wikispooks content and Templates run MediaWiki version 1.33.2, augmented with a variety of extensions. See Special:Version for details and version numbers. Use this page's talk page for discussion relating the the software, including requests for extensions to install etc.

Site Feeds

Full article: Wikispooks:Site feeds

Wikispooks has a number of site feeds (currently in Atom/RSS format) which may help you integrate it with other software.

Site Status

Full article: Wikispooks:Site Status

This page is for announcements about upgrades ongoing maintenance or other such transient software related issues. The talk page is the place for discussion of suspected or known bugs or any other technical problems.


Full article: Wikispooks:Timelines

There is some interest in adding timeline functionality to the site, so as to give a graphic display of events and sub events.


Full article: Wikispooks:File Uploads

For security reasons, the number of file formats which are uploadable is limited. This page lists the permitted extensions. Note that Anonymous Uploads use a different system and are not restricted in this way.


Full article: Wikispooks:Software Development

Wikispooks has been undergoing fairly steady development since November 2013. This page gives an overview of what is currently under consideration, and what is in the pipeline.


Full article: Wikispooks:PGP Public Key

When contacting the site administrator by Email, you are recommended to use this PGP key to encrypt it.


  • Sandbox page - A standalone sandbox page, suitable for simple experiments with wikitext editing.
  • Test:Test - The Test: namespace is reserved for experiments. It you would like help, e.g. developing templates or using SMW, this is a good place to create pages.
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