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A search engine that claims not to track its users

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Owners: Duck Duck Go, Inc.
Constitutes: search engine

DuckDuckGo is a search engine. It emphasises that it doesn't track users, but was exposed as tracking all the sites its users made from its Android app in 2020.[1] The CEO commented that "I want to be clear that we did not and have not collected any personal information here."[2]

Subject-specific De-ranking?

As of January 2018, a page from ISGP was the #8 hit on DuckDuckGo for the search term "Dutroux Affair".[3] Several other search engines such as Yahoo[4], Bing[5], Yandex[6] and Gigablast[7] also included it in their top 10. By contrast, neither Google not StartPage returned any hits from the ISGP site in the top 100.

7th floor group

Wikispooks was #30 hit for the search term "7th floor group" at DuckDuckGo, which listed it at #30,[8] in January 2018. This is an interesting contrast with[9], Bing[10], Ecosia,[11] Google[12], Yahoo[13] and Yahoo)[14].

Compromised by fact-checkers


A June 2020 search for Wikispooks on Duckduckgo, gave Wikispooks as the first result, followed by a "fact checker". A search on the independent media Off-Guardian gave a fact checker as first result, followed by an article from Off-Guardian. This would imply that either significant resources have been spent on influencing the search results, or that the management of DuckDuckgo has been pressured or taken over.

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