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Official narrative

GMOs are simultaneously:

  1. So similar to existing organisms, that no safety testing is needed as regards food, due to "substantial equivalence"
  2. So innovative and unique as to be the "intellectual property" of whoever first filed a legal claim of ownership with the appropriate establishment authority.


Evidence is growing that GMO's present a hazard to the earth's biosphere, and that many organisations supposed to deal with such concerns (e.g. the FDA) are not doing so because they are effectively captured by big agriculture.


Full article: Stub class article GM/Crop

By 2016, nearly 40 nation states have banned GM crops.[1]


Full article: Stub class article GM/Food

A 2015 poll reported that nearly 90% of Americans want mandatory labeling on genetically modified foods.[2]


The company Oxitec has been producing genetically modified mosquitoes on an industrial scale for some years in Brazil, a country which experienced a huge rise in microcephaly in 2016 - possibly related to the mosquito borne Zika virus.[3] Milagro “Mila” De Mier, who started a petition online to oppose the project was found dead in a swimming pool in Washington DC in April 2018.[4]

Military purposes

A December 2018 report stated that the US Navy was researching GM microorganisms to assist in detection of submarines.[5]


Reporting on a study by the Hinxton Group, the BBC headlined a story in 2015 "GM embryos 'essential', says report".[6]


An example

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