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(spook, defector)
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DiedApril 2024 (Age 47)
Cause of death
car bomb
NationalityUkrainian, Russian?
Victim ofassassination
Ex-employee of the SBU who defected to Russia. Assassinated with car bomb in 2024.

Vasily Prozorov was a spook who worked for the SBU [1][2] but did not accept the newly installed government after the 2014 Ukraine coup. From 2014 till 2017 he collected information from the "anti-terror center" of the SBU, which was the main coordinating department of the "Anti-Terrorist-Operation" (ATO).[3][4] He reported that the SBU established secret prisons in the Donbass region, including one at Mariupol Airport.[5]

In his initial press conference after defecting to Russia in 2019 he related that he was witness to visits by foreign advisors, including from NGOs, like the Rand corporation.[6]

A 2019 report from the German version of RT summarizes his view on the civil war:[7]

A bunch of scoundrels seized power in February, he says. "They were not afraid to unleash a war against their own population for the sake of maintaining power and for their own enrichment," Prozorov says, recounting in detail the unlawful documents the military leadership used to grant itself authority to take action against the insurgents in the Donbass in April 2014.

They occupied several administrative buildings and surrounded them with improvised barricades. In the same manner as they had done a few months earlier in western Ukraine, when Yanukovych had still been president. Shortly before, they proclaimed the paper states, the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. But, the Maidan-era occupiers, who looted entire arms depots, are exempt from any prosecution. The occupiers from eastern Ukraine were criminalized by the SBU and cleared for prosecution or liquidation.

Eastern Ukrainians reacted to the threat of abolition of the language law - the last hurdle before forced Ukrainianization - and the arbitrariness and hustle and bustle of nationalists in the streets. They demanded autonomy or secession. At the time, only a few weeks earlier, the Crimean referendum had taken place, after which the autonomous Republic of Crimea joined the Russian Federation.

But in eastern Ukraine - unlike in Crimea and Sevastopol - not a single Russian soldier was stationed. The rebels were on their own. The new rulers decided to use the army and heavy weapons against the insurgents.

In April 2022 Xinhua conducted an interview with him about U.S. financed biolabs and the threat they pose for Ukraine and beyond.[8]

He operates Telegram channels in English,[9] German [10] and Russian.[11]


In April 2024, he was killed in Moscow, in a car bomb assassination.[12]

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