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Deliberate manipulation of the earth for fun, profit and/or military utility. The official narrative about current use is that it is principally an attempt to offset fossil fuel derived global warming [1] - so that's OK then.

Geoengineering and it's application for military purpose, as well as the possibility to order certain weather conditions to one's own advantage has been publicly discussed at least since 1954.[2] Altering the the amount solar radiation that will come through the atmosphere by particles sprayed from airplanes, as it is explained with the Chemtrails theory, has been publicly discussed at least since 1958:

"Air Force scientist are already experimenting with sodium vapor, ejected from jet planes, to intercept solar radiation".[3][4]

By 1965 branches of the US Administration did recognize that more intelligence on similar Soviet programs will be required, since, like the US programs, the Soviets are expanding the scope and in a memorandum to the president on September 13th, 1965, recommending that:

"A Vigorous national program to explore the possibilities of weather modification should now be mounted".[5]


CIA director John Brennan explains stratospheric aerosol injection - aka geoengineering."[6]

As late as 2018, Iranian Officials,[7][8] as well as the president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2011,[9] have accused Israel and other countries of the Mediterranean to tamper with clouds that enter the country, causing severe drought and a change in snowfall in the mountain regions of Iran.


In December 2020, China's government announced a large expansion of its weather-modification program. The project, to be ready by 2025, will cover 2.1 million square miles, about 56% of China’s entire surface area. China will use “cloud seeding”, spraying chemicals like silver iodide or liquid nitrogen into clouds to try and manufacture good weather conditions for crops or to prevent natural disasters.[10] In the western Xinjiang province, where hail is a particular problem, by 2019 weather modification practices had helped reduce damages by 70 percent, usually by firing silver iodine-packed shells into the sky.[11]


In recent years, there has been a flurry of patents taken out of methods to engineer the climate. One of them, patented in the US, is so broad that if enforceable it would place fertilization of the oceans in the hands of one man. So we are approaching a situation in which international efforts to protect humanity from climate disaster could depend on whether or not one company wants to sell its intellectual property.
Clive Hamilton[12]



An example

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ChemtrailsChemtrails, or Stratospheric Aerosal Geoengineering, is officially only a proposed international government funded weather modification program.


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Document:Chemtrails - Proof and Purposearticle1 January 2013T. J. ColesAn outline of the activities of various agencies of the US UK military in the fields of climate modification by means of high altitude chemical spraying.
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The individual featured appears to have an "inside track" on the chemtrail spraying programme. There was an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to the aerial spraying and the "insider" then answered the questions.
File:House of Commons The Regulation of Geoengineering 2009 to 2010.pdfReport10 March 2010Science and Technology Select CommitteeFifth report of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on the regulation of geoengineering - 2009-10 session.
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James B. Near Jr.
Lt Col William B. Shields
Ronald J. Celentano
David M. Husband
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An official document of the US Air Force dealing with research and development of weather modification programs on a 25 year view. Its publication coincided with the start of an upsurge in public awareness and disquiet about 'Chemtrails'
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