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A groundbreaking documentary which did more than any other to publicise the existence of Operation Gladio - NATO-sponsored False flag terrorism in Western Europe.

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Publication date 10 June 1992
Author(s) Allan Francovich
Subjects Operation Gladio

Official narrative

Allan Francovich's use of primary sources has made the film a difficult one to deny. It is remarkable that it was broadcast, in full, on UK television - and a credit to the BBC, on BBC2 on 10 June 1992.[1] The official narrative has been to ignore it, as with other such challenging exposes such as Gary Webb's Dark Alliance.


The film was produced in three parts:

  1. The Ring Masters - Origins of Operation Gladio in Italy
  2. The Puppeteers -
  3. The Foot Soldiers - Belgium (Brabant Massacres), Murder of Aldo Moro


The film features extensive interviews with Vincenzo Vinciguerra, from his jail cell in Italy, and around 40 other people involved with Operation Gladio. Vinciguerra supports Fedricio Umberto D'Amato's claim that he founded the Club de Berne. After Vinciguerra, the second most frequent speaker in the film was senator Libero Gualtieri, who headed up The Italian Parliamentary Inquiry into Operation Gladio.


Operation Gladio, an Observer Film Company production for BBC Television, was broadcast in June 1992 when Tiny Rowland's Lonrho owned the company. (Rowland was ejected from Lonrho in October 1993.) OFC became part of Guardian Newspapers Ltd when the Observer was acquired by the Guardian Media Group in June 1993, continuing to operate as the Observer Film Company until it was wound-up in December 1995.[2]

Narrator: John Rowe
Voice of Aldo Moro: Sir Ian McKellen
Consultants: Hugo Gijsels, Peter Tompkins
Research: Philippe Van Meerbeck
Photography: Gerry Pinches, Phil White, Bill Turnley
Sound: Tim Hodge, Don Grissom
Dubbing Mixer: Michael Narduzzo
Production Manager: Sarah Hodgson
Production Assistant: Venita Singh
Film Editor: Paul Edmunds, Lynne Robertson
Associate Producer: Jane Ryder
Series Producer: Kimi Zabihyan
Director: Allan Francovich
Timewatch Series Editor: Roy Davies

Media Reception

Except for The Observer, whose production arm was responsible for the creation of the film, the commercially-controlled media ignored the film.[3]

Radio Adaptation

In 2015, the film was adapted for radio in 4 parts by the Unwelcome Guests collective.[4][5][6][7]


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