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(industrialist, journalist, politician)
Walther Rathenau.jpg
Born29 September 1867
Died24 June 1922 (Age 54)
Cause of death
ParentsEmil Rathenau
Victim ofassassination
German Foreign Minister assassinated in office after signing the Treaty of Rapallo with the USSR.

Employment.png Foreign Minister of Germany

In office
1 February 1922 - 24 June 1922
Assassinated in office after signing the Treaty of Rapallo with the USSR.

Dr. Walther Rathenau was a German politician.


An experienced journalist, Rathenau published in Berliner Tageblatt an article accusing his own country of manipulating politics in Vienna.

Rathenau initiated the Treaty of Rapallo, which removed major obstacles to trading with the USSR.

“Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, guide the economic destinies of the Continent and seek their successors from their own milieu.”
Walther Rathenau (1909)  [1]


On 24 June 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo (which renounced German territorial claims from World War I), Rathenau was assassinated.

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