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Formation 17 May 1930
Type secret society
Headquarters Basel, Switzerland
Leader Bank for International Settlements/General Manager
Jaime Caruana.jpg
Incumbent: Jaime Caruana
Since 1 April 2009
Interest of Adam LeBor
SubpageBIS/Assistant General Manager
BIS/General Manager
The central bankers' central bank - nothing to see here.

The BIS is a secretive group of the world's central bankers, based in Basel, Switzerland.

Official narrative

The BIS is more or less off the agenda of commercially-controlled media.

"The Bank is completely removed from any governmental or political control."
Gates McGarrah, first president of the Bank for International Settlements, 1931[1]

Other opinions

Adam Lebor has written a book critical of this group.[2]


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  1. Gates McGarrah, “A Balance Wheel of World Credit,” Nation’s Business, March 1931, 24. BIS archive, File 7.18 (2), MCG8/55.