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(Spook, Whistleblower, Author)
Edmonton, Canada
Interests • Mossad
• Covert Action
• Israel
A former spook turned writer.

Employment.png Case Officer

In office
1982 - 1986


Dates unknown

Victor John Ostrovsky is a former katsa (case officer) for Sayanim for the Israeli Mossad. He was born in Canada and raised in Israel. He authored two nonfiction books about his service with the Mossad: "By Way of Deception", a #1 New York Times bestseller in 1990, and: "The Other Side of Deception" several years later.


At eighteen he became the youngest officer in the Israeli military at the time, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant commander in charge of naval weapons testing. He helped introduce the Harpoon surface-to-surface missile to the Saar missile boats as well as the Vulcan Phalanx anti-missile defense system. He was a Mossad case officer from 1982-1986. In 1986, he says that he left the agency saying it was because of what he considered cases of unnecessarily-malicious actions by Mossad operatives. He also accused its directors of knowingly making less-than-accurate reports to the nation's political leadership.[1]


He authored the following books:

  • By Way of Deception (1990)
  • Lion of Judah (1993)
  • The Other Side of Deception (1995)
  • Black Ghosts (1999)


“When I was in the Mossad and we had a guy that gave us problems in the US, and he was speaking out, and he was talking like, like Pete talked once and said: "Israel is bombing Lebanon with cluster bombs". We say hey, who is that guy? Pete מקק we used to call him, which is Pete the cockroach. Because he makes a lot of noise and you can't get rid of him. So what you do is you get in touch with the guy in the station in New York, or in the station in Washington and you say: tell the guys at B'nai B'rith to label him. And of course the campaign starts and before you know it the guy is labelled .. and he is an anti-semite. Because that's what we say he is. And that's one stain that you can not wash.”
Victor Ostrovsky (September 1, 1995)  [2]


A Document by Victor Ostrovsky

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Conversations with Victor Ostrovsky-The Man Who Blew the Whistle on Mossad-1990 December.pdfinterviewDecember 1990Mossad
By Way of Deception, co-authored by Canadian writer Claire Hoy, provides an exceptional glimpse into the Mossad, ranging from its philosophy and training procedures to its methodology and field techniques. As Ostrovsky presents it, the Mossad is an immoral organization operating without oversight. He is outraged at the damage it does to the people in whose name it functions.
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