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Status: stable
This property is for nndb URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      NNDB URLs of people
  • Predicate:  Has nndb
  • Object:        URLs of people's NNDB pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas nndb
Carlyle Group
Yale Law School
Stanford University
UC Berkeley
Director of Central Intelligence
Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service
Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee
White House Chief of Staff
United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Home Secretary
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee
Deputy National Security Advisor
Vice President of the United States
Council on Foreign Relations
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Marvin Bush
Elliot Richardson
Rozanne L. Ridgway
Richard McCormack
Douglas J. Feith
Harold Brown
Edwin J. Feulner
Barry Seal
Yevgeny Primakov
Graham Greene
Fred F. Fielding
James A. McClure
Frederick B. Dent
Jan Schakowsky
James Theberge
Chris Hedges
George W. Bush
George H. W. Bush
Lester Crawford
Midge Decter
Bruce E. Mosler
D. Lowell Jensen
Bobby Ray Inman
Arnold Burns
Donald B. Ayer
Charles Byron Renfrew
Boris Yeltsin
Herbert Stein
Richard E. Salomon
Kim Young-sam
Alexander Lebedev
Samuel Dash
Neil Bush
Michael Armacost
Jesse Helms
Lyman Lemnitzer
Colin Powell
Thomas W. Braden
James W. Cicconi
John Scarlett
Tony Blair
Vladimir Putin
Bill Moyers
Vincent Bugliosi
Anna Diggs Taylor
Loring Knoblauch
Douglas Hurd
Anthony Blunt
Melvin Lasky
Hugh Gaitskell
Robin Cook
Andrei Lugovoi
Kim Philby
Wayne Lee Berman
James Woolsey

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Michael Armacost +  +
Association of Former Intelligence Officers +  +
Donald B. Ayer +  +


Wayne Lee Berman +  +
Tony Blair +  +
Anthony Blunt +  +
Thomas W. Braden +  +
Harold Brown +  +
Vincent Bugliosi +  +
Arnold Burns +  +
George W. Bush +  +
George H. W. Bush +  +
Marvin Bush +  +
Neil Bush +  +


CIA +  +
Carlyle Group +  +
Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee +  +
Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service +  +
James W. Cicconi +  +
Robin Cook +  +
Council on Foreign Relations +  +
Lester Crawford +  +


Samuel Dash +  +
Midge Decter +  +
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee +  +
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