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MottoVeritas vos liberabit
(The truth shall set you free)
HeadquartersBaltimore, Maryland, USA
Subgroups• Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
• Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Sponsored byKoch family foundations, Smith Richardson Foundation
Other nameBlue Jays
SubpageJohns Hopkins University/Terrorism expertise

The Johns Hopkins University, (JHU), is a private research university in Baltimore, USA.

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Full article: Stub class article Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Millie Weaver noted in Shadowgate that "the so-called Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University [is] ... very closely linked to the US security apparatus".

Terror expertise

Full article: Johns Hopkins University/Terrorism expertise

It is one of several key American universities which produce and host "terrorism experts" - the other notable centres being Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Full article: Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies

The Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies is one of the key feeder programs to U.S. diplomatic and intelligence services. Many students will go on to important positions, such as Madeleine Albright. Among the most famous professors are Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Paulson.

The students have found leadership positions in US government agencies, but also in foreign governments, international organizations, investment firms, charitable organizations, financial institutions and businesses, in the areas of diplomacy, education, finance, research, consulting and journalism. Its Bologna branch is a central institution in the production of a European pro-US ruling class leadership.


Related Quotation

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security“The so-called Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University, which is at the heart of the Covid19 pandemic management and which has contributed greatly to the global escalation through its misleading charts, is also very closely linked to the US security apparatus and has been involved in some of its earlier simulations and operations.”Millie WeaverAugust 2020


Events Sponsored

Koch family foundationsa group of closely connected money-granting foundations to select purposes
Smith Richardson FoundationCIA front organization for funding projects


Alumni on Wikispooks

Spiro Agnew9 November 191817 September 1996Politician
Madeleine Albright15 May 1937Deep state operative"We think the price is worth it."
Erdem Başçı1966TurkeyCentral bankerGovernor of the Central Bank of Turkey from 2011-2016
Morris Berman3 August 1944USAuthor
Marion Blakey26 March 1948Businessperson
Michael Bloomberg14 February 1942USDeep politician
R. Nicholas Burns28 January 1956
William Callahan
Iris Chang28 March 19689 November 2004USAuthor
Benjamin Civiletti17 July 1935Lawyer
Josh Devon"Terror expert"Co-founder of the SITE Institute with Rita Katz.
Bernard Fensterwald2 August 19212 April 1991Lawyer
Samuel T. Francis29 April 194715 February 2005Journalist
Frank Gaffney5 April 1953Author
Described as "one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes"
Harold GeiselDiplomat
Timothy Geithner18 August 1961USCentral bankerMulti-Bilderberg central banker
April Glaspie26 April 1942Diplomat
Lawrence Hafstad18 June 190412 October 1993USPhysicist
Electrical engineer
In 1954, he outlined the principles for export of US nuclear technology. Attended the February 1957 Bilderberg
John Hamre3 July 1950Deep state operativeUS MICC insider
Alger Hiss11 November 190415 November 1996Spook
Frederick C. Howe21 November 18673 August 1940US
Bert Koenders28 May 1958NetherlandsDiplomat
John Koenig24 September 1958USDiplomat
Samuel Lewis1 October 193010 March 2014USDiplomatSingle Bilderberg US Ambassador to Israel for 8 years
Gal LuftAcademic
"Terror expert"
Ray Mabus11 October 1948Politician
Thomas MahnkenUSAcademic
Deep state operative
Integrity Initiative's US cluster
Serif Mardin19276 September 2017TurkeySociologistThe "doyen of Turkish sociology"
Mark Crispin Miller1949Author
A professor of journalism and prominent critic of commercially-controlled media
George Naifeh19 August 19249 November 2006
Rick NoackGermanJournalist
Antonia Novello23 August 1944
Tara O'TooleUSSpook
A fellow bioweapons expert stated 'she makes Dr. Strangelove seem sane'.
Bruno Patino8 March 1965FranceJournalist
French journalist
Perry RatliffUSSpookHead of Naval Intelligence 1999-2000, one of eighteen member agencies of the United States Intelligence Community.
Nadia SchadlowUSDeep state functionarySuspected US deep state functionary. First Bilderberg in 2017
Sally Shelton29 August 1944Diplomat
Jonathan Sinclair13 October 1970UKDiplomat
Cui TiankaiOctober 1952ChinaDiplomat
Sanam VakilUSAcademicChatham House, single Bilderberg
Thorstein Veblen30 July 18573 August 1929US
Michael Vickers27 April 1953Spook
Rochelle Walensky5 April 1969
Jacob Walles1957USDiplomatUS Diplomat specialising in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle-Eastern affairs
Woodrow Wilson28 December 18563 February 1924Politician
Deep state functionary
A tool of the US deep state.
Robert O. Work17 January 1953
Soli Özel1958TurkeyAcademicQuad Bilderberger journalist and academic
Cüneyt Ülsever1951TurkeyJournalist
Turkish journalist with massive education from the US
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