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Motto Veritas vos liberabit
(The truth shall set you free)
Formation 1876
Type Private
Headquarters Maryland, USA
Subgroups Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Other name Blue Jays
SubpageJohns Hopkins University/Terrorism expertise


Alumni on Wikispooks

Spiro Agnew9 November 191817 September 1996Vice President of the United States
Governor of Maryland
Baltimore County Executive
Madeleine Albright15 May 1937United States Secretary of State
United States Ambassador to the United Nations
Morris Berman3 August 1944Author
Marion Blakey26 March 1948Businesswoman
National Transportation Safety Board/Chairman
Federal Aviation Administrator
Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board
Michael Bloomberg14 February 1942Mayor of New York City
Iris Chang28 March 19689 November 2004Author
Benjamin Civiletti17 July 1935United States Attorney General
United States Deputy Attorney General
Josh DevonResearcher
Samuel T. Francis29 April 194715 February 2005Historian
Frank Gaffney5 April 1953AuthorDescribed as "one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes"
Harold GeiselDiplomat
Inspector General of the Department of State
Deputy Inspector General of the Department of State
United States Ambassador to Seychelles and Mauritius
Timothy Geithner18 August 1961Politician
United States Secretary of the Treasury
President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
United States Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
April Glaspie26 April 1942Diplomat
United States Ambassador to Iraq
John Hamre3 July 1950United States Deputy Secretary of Defense
Comptroller of the Department of Defense
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee/Chair
Alger Hiss11 November 190415 November 1996Spook
Samuel Lewis1 October 193010 March 2014Diplomat
United States Ambassador to Israel
Ray Mabus11 October 1948United States Secretary of the Navy
United States Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
Governor of Mississippi
Auditor of Mississippi
Mark Crispin MillerAcademic
George Naifeh19 August 19249 November 2006Middle East Policy Council/President
Antonia Novello23 August 1944Surgeon General of the United States
Cui TiankaiDiplomat
Chinese Ambassador to the United States
Chinese Ambassador to Japan
Michael G Vickers27 April 1953Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict and Interdependent Capabilities
Jacob Walles1957United States Ambassador to Tunisia
United States Consul General in Jerusalem
US Diplomat specialising in the Arab-Israeli conflict and Middle-Eastern affairs
Woodrow Wilson28 December 18563 February 1924President of the United States
President of Princeton University
Political scientist
Governor of New Jersey
Robert O. Work17 January 1953United States Deputy Secretary of Defense
United States Undersecretary of the Navy
Under Secretary of the Navy