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A businessy Facebook equivalent, with over 350 million members

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Started: 2003
Founders: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly Jean-Luc Vaillant
Subgroup: SlideShare

Staff: 7600

LinkedIn can prove very useful as an information source.


Since December 2016, it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. As of February 2021, LinkedIn had 740 million registered members from 150 countries.

In 2016, access to LinkedIn was blocked by Russian authorities for non-compliance with the 2015 national legislation that requires social media networks to store citizens' personal data on servers located in Russia.[1]


LinkedIn deleted the account of Robert Malone after he questioned the safety of the mRNA vaccines, a technology which he himself played a large part in creating.[2]

Linkedin on Wikispooks

 Has linkedinDescription
AGT International data analysis company founded by Israeli-born billionaire spook/businessman Mati Kochavi, including work on RFID and IOT
AIPAC lobby which has somewhere between a lot of influence and "total control" over the US Government.
ASEAN union in Southeast Asia.
Eduard Abrahamyan for Statecraft, whose PhD supervisor was also a Institute for Statecraft member.
Ershad Abubacker
Adam Smith International consultancy charged with overseeing the overseas work of the Adam Smith Institute. Used by British intelligence services to train puppet police forces in the Middle East.
Debo Adesina editor
Mnar Adley, CEO and editor in chief of MintPress News
Muhammad Idrees Ahmad interested in the white helmets whom the UK Border Agency unsuccessfully tried to deport.
Imran Ahmed activist "Buffalo might never have happened if online hate had been tackled after Christchurch"
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed academic with extensive knowledge of deep politics and the use of false flag terror, featured frequently on Unwelcome Guests.
Saleyha Ahsan freelance reporter, film maker and A&E doctor with a Sandhurst background. She has traveled to conflict zones in North Africa and Asia and made films and news reports including Libya, Syria, Bosnia, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. She appeared with "Dr Rola" in the controversial 2013 video shown on the BBC's Panorama news programme calling for humanitarian bombings of Syria.
Alex Aiken UK "Director of Communications"
Kate Airey
Luke Akehurst ardent fan of Labour Friends of Israel
Aktis Strategy defunct following allegations of "gross financial mismanagement"
Tasnime Akunjee
Isabel Albers editor-in-chief
Anton Alberts African politician
Albright Stonebridge Group Hit Men
Alchetron machine generated encyclopedia
Alberto Alesina economist who attended the 2018 Bilderberg and "strongly agreed" with the Bilderbergers' COVID Lockdown policy.
Christopher Alexander American marketing and communications executive
Pam Alexander businesswoman and civil servant in Epstein's black book.
Milton Allimadi of Black Star News, which broke the news of Sunny Sheu's murder.
American Thinker
American-Turkish Council Edmonds has presented evidence implicating this group in espionage
Huda Ammori
Thomas Thune Andersen Bilderberger who was CEO of oil subsidiary of shipping giant Maersk
Miguel Stilwell de Andrade of Portuguese electric utilities company with lots of wind power. Attended 2023 Bilderberg meeting
Kirill Androsov financier, businessman, YGL, 2008-2010 Deputy chief of staff to Vladimir Putin
Richard Angell wing activist in the UK Labour Party
Guillem Anglada-Escudé astronomer; Friends of Europe/Young European Leaders 2018
Anti-Slavery International
Eleni Antoniadou state-connected greek
Safia Aoude
Alexander Arbuthnot
Felicity Arbuthnot freelance journalist having written many insightful articles about in the Middle East.
Frank Archibald director of the CIA's National Clandestine Service
Ladan Archin protégé of Paul Wolfowitz
Nighat Arif doctor. One of the biggest promoters of the Covid-19/Vaccine in Britain.
William Arkin journalist close to the Pentagon
Alvise Armellini journalist who joined the Integrity Initiative's Italian cluster
Josh Arnold-Foster of the Institute for Statecraft. Posts include "special adviser" to the UK defence secretary.
Sonia Arrison futurist author and opponent of any paper evidence in electronic voting. Attended the 2010 Bilderberg
Jessica Ashooh"Hawkish young mandarin hothoused at elite universities and in the halls of state power"
John Ashton
Bernard Asso French lawyer
Association of European Border Regions of European regions, working to weaken national states, to the advantage of smaller regions and the larger EU superstructure. Presidents of the organization have a heavy Bilderberg habit.
James Austin member of the Institute for Statecraft
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