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Alumni on Wikispooks

Dillon Anderson14 July 190628 January 1974Spook
Frederick Beebe19131 May 1973USEditor
Corporate lawyer
Single Bilderberg corporate lawyer
Amy Baker BenjaminUSAcademicA courageous and insightful commentator on the facade of rule by international law in the 21st century.
Hunter Biden4 February 1970Lawyer
James Boasberg20 February 1963Judge"The go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public"
Anita CiceroUSAcademic
Big pharma/Lobbyist
Big pharma lobbyist, public health planner and participant in Event 201
Bill Clinton19 August 1946USSpook
Deep politician
US deep politician, husband of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton26 October 1947USPolitician
Deep politician
“Too big to jail”
David S. Cohen1963USSpook
Confirmed as Deputy Director of the CIA in January 2015
John Danforth5 September 1936USPolitician
Alan Dershowitz1 September 1938USLawyer
Deep state operative
A supporter of torture and legal defender of Jeffrey Epstein
Gerald Ford14 July 191326 December 2006USPolitician
Deep state functionary
Peter Frelinghuysen17 January 191623 May 2011USPolitician
US politician and lawyer
Roswell Gilpatric11 April 190615 March 1996USLawyer
Deep state functionary
Single Bilderberg classmate of Charles W. Yost, Paul Nitze and Chapman Rose. US Deputy Secretary of Defense
Jack Goldsmith26 September 1962USAcademic
Jessica de Grazia
Stephen Hadley13 February 1947Spook
John Hannah5 January 1962Lawyer
Reed Hundt3 March 1948
William Hunt12 June 182327 February 1884USSoldier
Nicholas Katzenbach17 January 19228 May 2012Lawyer
Deep state actor
United States Deputy Attorney General at the time of the JFK assassination who assisted in the cover up
Estes Kefauver26 July 190310 August 1963USPolitician
Peter Keisler13 October 1960Lawyer
William Kennard19 January 1957Lawyer
Deep state functionary
Gilles de Kerchove3 October 1956BelgiumAcademic
Deep state functionary
"EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator" since 2007
Edward H. Levi26 June 19117 March 2000Academic
Robert Morgenthau31 July 191921 July 2019JudgeJudge who worked on various cases of relevance to the US deep state
Michael Mukasey28 July 1941Lawyer
Deep state operative
A lawyer and former judge who served as Attorney General of the US from 2007 to 2009. He was judge in the Larry Silverstein -v- Insurance companies post 9-11 litigation.
Jesselyn Radack12 December 1970USWhistleblower
A US whistleblower in the aftermath of 9-11.
Robert Reich24 June 1946USJournalist
Pat Robertson22 March 1930USChairman of
Chancellor of
Regent University
William D. Rogers12 May 192722 September 2007USLawyer
Eugene Rostow25 August 191325 November 2002US
Kenneth Roth23 September 1955Lawyer
Arlen Specter12 February 193014 October 2012Politician
Stanley Sporkin7 February 1932Lawyer
Marin StrmeckiUS
Anna Diggs Taylor1932Judge
Clarence Thomas23 June 1948Judge
Ruth WedgwoodUSAcademic
James Woolsey21 September 1941Spook
Deep politician
John Yoo10 July 1967Academic
Deep state functionary
War criminal
The US lawyer whose name is now synonymous with the infamous "torture memo" which opened the door to legalising torture and lead to his conviction as a war criminal.


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