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Group.png Monsanto  
(Chemical weapon/ManufacturerNNDB WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Monsanto logo.svg
FounderJohn Francis Queeny
Parent organizationBayer AG
HeadquartersCreve Coeur, Missouri, U.S.
InterestsChemical warfare, GMO, Glyphosate
Interest ofWilliam Engdahl
Chemical weapon and GMO corporation

Misleading Advertising

In 2014, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa ordered Monsanto to immediately withdraw a radio advert which made unsubstantiated claims about GMO products, i.e. that GMOs enabled "Monsanto "to produce more food sustainably whilst using fewer resources; provide a healthier environment by saving on pesticides; decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase crop yields substantially.” [1]


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Agent Orange

Full article: Agent Orange

Monsanto along with a number of other companies produced Agent Orange, a defoliant used in Vietnam.

Acquisition by Bayer

The acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer was successfully completed in June 2018. [2]


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