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Group.png Monsanto  
(Chemical weapon/ManufacturerNNDB WebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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FounderJohn Francis Queeny
Parent organizationBayer AG
HeadquartersCreve Coeur, Missouri, U.S.
InterestsChemical warfare, GMO, Glyphosate
Interest ofRichard Doll, William Engdahl, Vandana Shiva
Chemical weapon and GMO corporation

Misleading Advertising

In 2014, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of South Africa ordered Monsanto to immediately withdraw a radio advert which made unsubstantiated claims about GMO products, i.e. that GMOs enabled "Monsanto "to produce more food sustainably whilst using fewer resources; provide a healthier environment by saving on pesticides; decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase crop yields substantially.” [1]


Full article: RBGH

Agent Orange

Full article: Agent Orange

Monsanto along with a number of other companies produced Agent Orange, a defoliant used in Vietnam.

Acquisition by Bayer

The acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer was successfully completed in June 2018. [2]


An event carried out

Operation Ranch HandU.S. military herbicidal/chemical warfare operation during the Vietnam War


Related Quotations

Agent Orange“For really almost 40 years, there has been a studious, concerted, planned effort to keep any study from being done and to discredit any study that has been done.”Jeanne M. Stellman2016
Big chemical“It's the pesticide merchants and GMO companies....they are the real decision makers. They use lobbyist to shape national policy by almost buying politicians. It's this corruption that subverts the EPA. I am not a prophet, but I can see a very dark future if we fail to ban glyphosate and all other neurotoxins and carcinogens in or food and natural world.”Evaggelos Vallinatos long time EPA scientist2017
Big chemical“We are convinced there are more than ample science to raise serious concerns over rising herbicide use and exposure, yet not nearly enough is being done to either dismiss such concerns or study them in a meaningful way. People think global warming is the biggest threat, but it's not. This is.”Paul Winchester - medical director of the neonatal intensive care unit at Franciscan St. Francis Health Care in Indianapolis2017
Mae-Wan Ho“What makes genetic engineering biotechnology dangerous, in the first instance, is that it is an unprecedented, close alliance between two great powers that can make or break the world: science and commerce. Practically all established molecular geneticists have some direct or indirect connection with industry, which will set limits on what the scientists can and will do research on, not to mention the possibility of compromising their integrity as independent scientists.


The worst aspect of the alliance is that it is between the most reductionist science and multinational monopolistic industry at its most aggressive and exploitative. If the truth be told, it is bad science working together with big business for quick profit, aided and abetted by our governments for the banal reason that governments wish to be re-elected to remain in ‘power.’”
Mae-Wan Ho1997
Vandana Shiva“When Bill Gates pours money into Africa for feeding the poor in Africa and preventing famine, he’s pushing the failed Green Revolution, he’s pushing chemicals, pushing GMOs, pushing patterns.”Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva“The gradual spread of sterility in seeding plants would result in a global catastrophe that could eventually wipe out higher life forms, including humans, from the planet.”Vandana Shiva
Vandana Shiva“If you look at the graph of the growth of G.M.O.s, the growth of application of glyphosate and autism, it’s literally a one-to-one correspondence. And you could make that graph for kidney failure, you could make that graph for diabetes, you could make that graph even for Alzheimer’s.”Vandana Shiva


Employee on Wikispooks

Lawrence de NeufvilleOverseas marketing manager of Chemstrand division19631967


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