Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Leader of the FBIBoss of the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Employment.png Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Flag of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg
Flag of the FBI
Christopher Wray.jpg
Incumbent: Christopher Wray
Since 2 August 2017

Start 1908
Leader of FBI
Deputy Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Christopher Wray2 August 2017
Andrew McCabe9 May 20172 August 2017Acting
James Comey4 September 20139 May 2017
Robert Mueller4 September 20014 September 2013
Thomas J. Pickard25 June 20014 September 2001Later complained that New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani denied the FBI access to ground zero.
Louis Freeh1 September 199325 June 2001"A legacy of corruption..."
Floyd I. Clarke19 July 19931 September 1993Acting
William Sessions2 November 198719 July 1993
John E. Otto26 May 19872 November 1987Acting
William Webster23 February 197825 May 1987
James B. Adams15 February 197823 February 1978Acting
Clarence Kelley9 July 197315 February 1978
William Ruckelshaus30 April 19739 July 1973Acting
L. Patrick Gray3 May 197227 April 1973Acting
Clyde Tolson2 May 19723 May 1972Acting
J. Edgar Hoover1 July 19352 May 1972
J. Edgar Hoover10 May 192430 June 1935

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