European University of Rome

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Group.png European University of Rome  
European University of Rome logo.jpg
HeadquartersRome, Italy
InterestsLegionaries of Christ
A legally recognized non-state university, located in Rome connected to the Legionaries of Christ.

The European University of Rome (UER) is a legally recognized non-state university, located in Rome. The university began its activity in 2005 and is part of an international network of universities founded by the congregation of the Legionaries of Christ with offices in Italy, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

The Legionaries of Christ is a Roman Catholic clerical religious order made up of priests and candidates for the priesthood established by Fr. Marcial Maciel, in Mexico in 1941. Maciel was also Director General of the congregation for over 60 years until forced to step down in January 2005 as a result of grave sexual scandals against children.[1]

The Legion has raised large sums of money, built many schools, and ordained many priests, but critics have presented evidence that Maciel had "built a secretive, cult-like order to cater to his whims and hide his double life."[2]


In 2010, some university professors were involved in an investigation by the Bari Public Prosecutor's Office concerning alleged irregularities in competitions for full professorships.[3]



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