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The below alumni are alumni of Oxford University. Their specific college is not listed.


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
New College School
Oxford AnalyticaSpooky international analysis/consulting firm.
Oxford University
Oxford University/Balliol College
Oxford University/Corpus Christi College
Oxford University/Exeter College
Oxford University/Jesus College
Oxford University/Lincoln College
Oxford University/Magdalen College
Oxford University/Merton College
Oxford University/Queen's College
Oxford University/Somerville College
Oxford University/St Hilda's College
Oxford University/St John's College
Oxford University/St Peter's College
Oxford University/Trinity College
Oxford University/University College
Oxford University/Wadham College


Alumni on Wikispooks

Andrew Adonis22 February 1963UKPolitician
Jonathan Aitken30 August 1942Politician
Deep politician
Helen Alexander10 February 19575 August 2017Businessperson
Willy Bach25 December 1946
John Baird27 April 187420 August 1941UKPolitician
Kenneth Baker3 November 1934
Anthony Barber4 July 192016 December 2005Politician
Sian Berry9 July 1974UKActivist
Nicholas Boles2 November 1965UKPolitician
Robert Boothby12 February 190016 July 1986Politician
John Brademas2 March 192711 July 2016Politician
Bill Bradley28 July 1943Politician
Edward Bridges4 August 1892Civil servantAs Head of the Home Civil Service, he learned about the existence of Stewart Menzies' personal slush fund.
Sylvia Burwell23 June 1965USPolitician
John le Carré19 October 1931UKAuthor
Lord Robert Cecil14 September 186424 November 1958Diplomat
Alan Clark13 April 19285 September 1999Politician
Deep state functionary
Kenneth Clark13 July 190321 May 1983Author
Art historian
David ClementiEconomist
Damian Collins4 February 1974UKPolitician
Harry Crookshank27 May 189317 October 1961UK
Richard Danzig8 September 1944
Howard Davies12 February 1951UKAcademic
Robin Day24 October 19236 August 2000UKSoldier
Alfred Denning23 January 18995 March 1999UKLawyer
Philip Dunne14 August 1958UKPolitician
Jane Ellison15 August 1964Politician
Martin Feldstein25 November 1939Economist
Mark Field6 October 1964UKPolitician
Peter Fleming31 May 190718 August 1971Author
Valentine Fleming17 February 188220 May 1917UKSpook
Michael Foot23 July 19133 March 2010
Oliver Franks16 February 190515 October 1992UKPhilosopher
Civil servant
Bilderberg philosopher
Malcolm Fraser21 May 193020 March 2015Politician
Jonathan Freedland25 February 1967UKJournalist
Thomas Friedman20 July 1953Author
David Gauke8 October 1971Politician
John Gorton9 September 191119 May 2002Politician
Dominic Grieve24 May 1956Politician
Richard Haass28 July 1951Diplomat
Deep state operative
Bilderberger, CFR President
Richard HeatonUKLawyer
Civil servant
John Hemming16 March 1960UK
Patricia Hewitt2 December 1948Politician
Meg Hillier14 February 1969Politician
Carla Anderson Hills3 January 1934Lawyer
Deep state functionary
Damian Hinds27 November 1969Politician
John Hope7 April 191218 January 1996UKPolitician
Jeremy Hunt1 November 1966
John Hutton6 May 1955Politician
H. Montgomery Hyde14 August 190710 August 1989UKSpook
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