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Group.png Jenner Institute  
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HeadquartersUniversity of Oxford
Oxford University linked research centre

The Jenner Institute is a research institute on the Old Road Campus in Headington, east Oxford, England. It was formed in November 2005 through a partnership between the University of Oxford and the UK Institute for Animal Health. It is associated with the Nuffield Department of Medicine, in the Medical Sciences Division of Oxford University.[1]


In 2020, the institute has been developing a coronavirus vaccine in a project backed by the UK government.[2] It is collaborating with Advent Srl (part of the IRBM Group) on the development[3] and the Merck Group on the manufacture of a COVID-19/Vaccine.[4] Sarah Gilbert is one of the leading scientists involved in the development.[5]


The Jenner Institute is led by Professor Adrian Hill[6] and develops vaccines and carries out clinical trials for diseases including Malaria, Tuberculosis (MVA85A), Ebola, and MERS-Coronavirus.[7][8]


The Jenner Institute is named after the English physician and immunisation pioneer Edward Jenner (1749–1823), who was a major contributor to the development of the smallpox vaccine, and receives charitable support from the Jenner Vaccine Foundation.


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