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Membership• Jouett Shouse
• Grayson Mallet-Prevost Murphy
• W. H.Stayton
• Sewell L. Avery
• Thurmond Chatham
• Colby M. Chester
• W. L. Clayton
• John W. Davis
• Irénée Du Pont
• H. B. Earhart
• Joseph B. Ely
• Helen Hall Newberry Joy
• Mills B. Lane
• Robert Luce
• J. Howard Pew
• Joseph Meyer Proskauer
• Frank O. Rand
• Mrs. Charles H. Sabin
• Alfred K. Smith
• A. A. Sprague
• W. H Stayton
• Mrs. James Ross Todd
• James W. Wadsworth
• E. F. Albertsworth
• W. T Alden
• Edwin M. Allen
• Lafon Allen
• Charles D. Ammon
• B. L. Anderson
• O. B. Andrews
• Theodore M. Bailey
• John Hampton Barnes
• Mrs. John Hampton Barnes
• Louis A. Beard
• James M. Beck
• Joseph C. Belden Sr
• William Beye
• Mrs. Cornelius N. Bliss
• Robert Woods Bliss
• W. G. Bramham
• William C. Breed
• George L. Buist
• J. Lewis Bumgardner
• Borden Bure
• J. R. Burrow
• Francis X. Busch
• John A. Bush
• John M. Bush
• Rush C. Butler
• William Butterworth
• Donald A. Callahan
• J. W. Canada
• Dr. Neil Carothers
• Dan D. Casement
• L. W. Childress
• Dr. Samuel Harden Church
• E. W. Clark
• Elizabeth W. Clement
• Mrs. C. Baker Clotworthy
• Charles H. Collins
• James H. Collins
• Julius W. Cone
• Fredric R. Coudert Jr
• W. Glenn Cowell
• S. T. Crapo
• J.S. Cullinan
• T. Matthew Cunningham
• Mrs. Roger W. Cutler
• George B. Cutten
• Dwight F. Davis
• Charles I. Dawson
• R. E. Desvernine
• R. R. Deupree
• Malcolm Donald
• Pierre S. Du Pont
• Mrs. Pierre S. Du Pont
• Stanly A. Easton
• A. C. Ellis Jr
• Crawford H. Ellis
• Mrs. William T. Emmet
• William P. Eno
• Harry F. Evans
• Glenn J. Fairbrook
• F. H. Fechtig
• Calvin Fentress
• Mrs. Arthur Fowler
• Charles R. Fowler
• Harold J. Gallagher
• William Gammell
• Fred O. Gause
• Nelson A. Gladding
• H. E. Gooch
• John P. Gray
• Garner W. Green
• Thomas G. Haight
• Fitzgerald Hall
• Mrs. Samuel H. Halley
• Charles H. Hammill
• Mrs. Charles Hamilton Jr
• Joseph R. Hamlen
• Alfred A. Hampson
• Mrs. William T. Healey
• John J. Heard
• W. M. Hendren
• Dan W. Hill
• Mrs. George Hoadly
• Richmond P. Hobson
• Dr. Jacob H. Hollander
• Mrs. Christian R. Holmes
• Mrs. Ernest Howe
• Fred A. Howland
• Elton Hoyt II
• F. C. Hubbell
• Mrs. Waller T. Hunt
• W. J. Hunsaker
• Edward F. Hutton
• Robert W. Irwin
• Clive T. Jaffray
• Arthur Curtiss James
• Anni B. Jennings
• Crawford T. Johnson
• Theodore A. Johnson
• Albert T. Johnston
• Millard F. Jones
• Henry B. Joy
• P. H. Joyce
• Dr. Albert G. Keller
• Cornelius F. Kelley
• Dr. Edwin W. Kemmerer
• Edward W. Knight
• Robert E. L. Knight
• William S. Knudsen
• Merrit Lane
• D. P. Lemen
• Victor Leovy
• K. P. Lewis
• Clarence B. Little
• Demarest Lloyd
• Mrs. Robert W. Lovett
• F. W. Lowery
• Robert L. Lund
• Alvan Macauley
• David W. MacMorran
• James MacNaughton
• Robert H. McCarter
• Thomas N. McCarter
• Samuel R McKelvie
• W. H. Metson
• W. R. Metz
• Charlse G. Middleton
• Mrs. Cyrus Miller
• Mrs. William H. Mitchell
• George M. Moffett
• Malcolm Moncrieffe
• Edward S. Moore Jr
• Mrs. H.V.D. Moore
• Mrs. McGinley Moore
• John Lindsay Moorehead
• Gurney E. Newlin
• Mrs. William E. Norvell Jr
• Edgar Palmer
• Giles J. Patterson
• Thomas A. Peabody
• Spencer Penrose
• W. R. Perkins
• Thomas W. Phillips Jr
• Channing Pollock
• A. F. Porter
• Mrs. William C. Potter
• Herbert L. Pratt
• H. W. Prentis Jr
• John J. Raskob
• David A. Reed
• Earl F. Reed
• Fergus Reid
• A Hamilton Rice
• Dr. Charles A. Richmond
• Hal E. Roach
• George E. Roosevely
• Mrs. Edward Wales Root
• Elihu Root
• Benjamin Rush
• Mrs. William A. Sauer
• Dr. William A. Scott
• Dr. J. J. Seelman
• Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe
• Ralph M. Shaw
• Ethan A. H. Shepley
• Mrs. Aiken Simons
• Alfred P. Sloan Jr
• Mrs. George Sloane
• Hal H. Smith
• Mrs. Sidney W. Smith
• William J. Smith
• Dr. Walter E. Spahr
• Cameron Squires
• John N. Stewart. Frederick H. Stinchfield
• Mrs. Edmund O. Stout
• Josiah Strykes
• R. L. Taylor
• Gaston Therrell
• Edumnd F. Trabuh
• S. Wells Utley
• Mrs. Coffin van Rensselaer
• Thomas F. Veach
• Robinson Verrill
• Mrs. Oliver Wallopp
• William L. Walter
• Bentley W. Warren
• E. T. Weib
• Ray B. Westerfield
• George Westefeldt
• Alex M. Wetherill
• Maude K. Wetmore
• Mrs. Myron A. Wick
• George W. Wickersham
• Joseph E Widener
• E. Randolph Williams
• Mrs. Morris Wolf
• Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouse
• Ernest L. Woodward
• Warren Wright
• Mrs. W. T. Wynn

The American Liberty League was an American political organization formed in 1934, financed to a large extent by the DuPont family. Its membership consisted primarily of wealthy business elites and prominent political figures, who were for the most part conservatives opposed to the New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The purpose was to function as a front organization for the Business plot plan to seize power in a coup d'etat.


The creation of the League was announced in Washington, D.C., on August 22, 1934, by a group of Democrats and a smaller number of Republicans. Jouett Shouse, who had been prominent in Democratic politics and the anti-Prohibition movement, became the group's first chairman. The makeup of the League's executive committee was designed to demonstrate its bipartisan nature. It included: John W. Davis and Al Smith, former Democratic candidates for president; wealthy businessman Irénée du Pont, who left the Republicans to support Al Smith in 1928 and Roosevelt in 1932; and two New York Republicans, Nathan L. Miller, the state's former governor, and Representative James W. Wadsworth.[1] The moving spirit behind the launch of the organization was John Jacob Raskob, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the foremost opponent of Prohibition, former director of General Motors and a board member of DuPont.[2][3]


Known members

9 of the 223 of the members already have pages here:

Thurmond Chatham
John W. Davis
Grayson MurphyUS deep state operative who was implicated in the Business Plot and died in 1937
Irénée Du PontPoisoning the US with tetraethyl lead and other chemicals as head of DuPont. A central figure in the unsuccessful 1934 Business Plot to install a puppet leader in US White House.
John Raskob
Elihu RootUS deep politician. A member of J. P. Morgan's Corsair Club.
Jouett Shouse
Alfred Sloan
Al Smith4 term governor of New York


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