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BornCarl Stephen Gass
Criminal penalty
18 years
Found guilty of making false allegations of murder and child sexual abuse against a string of public figures and was jailed for 18 years.

Carl Beech was born Carl Stephen Gass in 1968. Following his parents' separation, his mother Charmian married Major Raymond Beech in 1976, a soldier based in Wiltshire, he took his stepfather's surname. On 22 July 2019, he was found guilty of making false allegations of murder and child sexual abuse against a string of public figures and was jailed for 18 years.[1] During the police investigation he was known under his pseudonym 'Nick'.

Claims of abuse and murder

Carl Beech first went to the police in December 2012 in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, claiming to have been abused by his late stepfather, Raymond Beech, who was a Major in the Army, and by Jimmy Savile. Wiltshire Police looked at the allegations but concluded there was little could be done because the man he was accusing was dead.

In July 2014, a journalist from Exaro introduced Labour MP Tom Watson to Carl Beech, who had made a number of allegations about Conservative politician and former European Commissioner Lord Brittan and others of abuse. Watson wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions to reopen a separate rape investigation into Lord Brittan that police had previously closed after finding no evidence to support the claim and "glaring inconsistencies" in the accuser's account. Police ultimately decided that Brittan would face no further action but he was never told he would not be charged before his death in January 2015. After Brittan's death, Tom Watson wrote a newspaper column in which he quoted Beech, calling Brittan "as close to evil as a human being could get".[2]

Meanwhile, Carl Beech told Scotland Yard he and other boys had been raped and abused by an organised gang which included Sir Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister; Lord Brittan, the former Home Secretary; Harvey Proctor, the former Tory MP; Lord Bramall, the former head of the Army; Greville Janner, the former Labour MP; Maurice Oldfield, the former head of MI6; Michael Hanley, the former director of MI5; General Sir Hugh Beach and Field Marshal Roland Gibbs. Beech also claimed to have been abused by John J Louis Jr, the former US ambassador to Britain as well as a number of unnamed Saudi diplomats.

Carl Beech not only alleged abuse but also told police he had witnessed the group murder three boys in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Operation Midland

Operation Midland was conducted by the Metropolitan Police in London from November 2014 to March 2016 into the claims of historic child sexual abuse and homicide made by Carl Beech (then referred to as 'Nick').[3][4] Carl Beech was contacted by Exaro, and sold his story.[5] Exaro's reporter Mark Conrad accompanied him to an early meeting with detectives, as an introductory measure, following a request by the Metropolitan Police agreed to by Beech.[6]

The officer leading Operation Midland, Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald, said in December 2014 that experienced officers had concluded that the allegations were "credible and true".[7] McDonald was later criticised for the statement, and it was retracted.

Carl Beech claimed that the abuse had taken place at numerous venues, including Dolphin Square; Military Bases including Imber, St David’s Barracks, Erskine Barracks, Edward Heath’s house in Wilton Street, London and his yacht. Other venues Beech named included Eccleston Square; Ponsonby Terrace; Westminster Gardens; Cambridge Street; the Carlton Club; Elm Guest House; Stowe School; Richmond Park; Heathrow Airport; London Zoo; Queen’s Ice Rink and Brighton.

Proctor detailed Beech's claims in public for the first time at a press conference, and also named his fellow accused. In September 2015 the Metropolitan Police said that they should never have asserted that "Nick"'s claims were true. Proctor and Lord Bramall were subsequently interviewed under caution but not arrested.

Lord Bramall and Harvey Proctor both wanted Beech investigated for wasting police time.[8]


UK police failed to arrest anyone as a result of Beech's accusations, but arrested him.

Child pornography

Beech originally denied making and possessing indecent images of children, but later admitted it.[9]

Perverting the course of justice

Regarding the Westminster VIPaedophile ring allegations, Beech pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud, but on 22 July 2019 at Newcastle Crown Court,[10] he was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to 18 years in jail.[11]

BBC documentary

In August 2020, BBC2 broadcast a documentary by Vanessa Engle entitled "The Unbelievable Story of Carl Beech":

Through footage from police interviews, contemporary media reports, Beech’s own blog posts at the time and interviews then and now with those involved, Engle’s latest documentary laid bare the phenomenon of the man who sparked a £2m police investigation. Beech’s allegations of childhood abuse in the 1970s and 80s by a paedophile ring comprising high-ranking members of the establishment was of course later unravelled as a hoax, apparently designed to secure him what eventually amounted to £22,000 in criminal injuries compensation.[12]

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