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Concept.png Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
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Premature deaths associated with the Russian apartment bombings of September 1999.



Page namePremature death dateCause of DeathDescription
Artyom Borovik9 March 2000Air disasterA Russian journalist who was interested in the Russian apartment bombings.
Otto Lacis3 November 2005Car crashA member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who died in a car crash.
Maxim Lazovsky28 April 2000Gunshot
Alexander Litvinenko23 November 2006PoisonAn exiled Russian spook turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.
Anna Politkovskaya7 October 2006GunshotA staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
Yuri Shchekochikhin3 July 2003PoisonA member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who was assassinated.
Sergei Yushenkov17 April 2003A member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who was assassinated.
Ibn al-Khattab20 March 2002Poison
Nerve agent
Named - and the poisoned - by the FSB as the organiser of the 1999 Russian apartment bombings.


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