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Offers 'leadership courses' for key military and civilian decision-makers

The The Norwegian Defence University College (Forsvarets høgskole) has as primary misson to educate officers. But it also offers an intensive Leadership Course, a 12-week course for for key military and civilian decision-makers. The last 60 years, most Norwegian editors-in-chief and leading journalists have attended this course. And in addition, "it is dream for network builders, and the course has been important for the participants' careers."[1]


The Norwegian Defence University College (Forsvarets høgskole) was established on 1 January 2002. Prior to that time, the education was done at the Armed Forces' school center at Akershus Fortress (FSAF).

The college's main task is to train all officers. The higher officer education is at bachelor's and master's degree level, as well as later management courses. The master's degree in military studies is also available for civilian employees in the Armed Forces and for the Police.

Leadership Course

The College offers, among other things, a Leadership Course for civilian and military course participants on the "Armed Forces' activities and aspects of Norwegian and international defense, security and foreign policy". The majority of the participants in the courses come from the civilian sector. It is a 12-week educational offer that offers studies related to a wide range of security policy topics without a final exam [...] for key military and civilian decision-makers. [2]

Course participants must be cleared to the secret and NATO Secret before the course starts. All courses are held during the Chatham House Rule.

The school itself defines its role as follows: "There is a need for people in key positions and key positions in our society, in relevant security policy matters, to have knowledge of the instruments that Norwegian society has at its disposal"[3]. The civilian participants are parliamentary representatives , central and regional government officials (police chiefs, sheriffs, priests, college teachers), doctors, media people, academics, organizational leaders, business leaders and municipal mayors and councilors.

The management course also offers a two-week intensive course in January. The information course is "a concise and concentrated course on Norwegian defense, security and foreign policy". The course is held in early January each year, and lasts for one week.

Strategic crisis management courses cover various forms of crisis management, including terrorism, cyber, nuclear incidents, pandemics and security policy crises. The course "will help to improve key managers' ability to handle crises and emergency preparedness challenges", and runs over two weeks each spring.

The overall unison and imprecise coverage of the Covid-19 declared pandemic in Norway might be explained by the pressure for following the government line taught in this "pandemic crisis management".[citation needed]

As pointed out in an article, "learning is in focus, but also the connection of ties across the various sectors the participants represent. The course will be a dream for network builders, and the participants get to experience and see places that few of us get the opportunity to."[4]

Central media people

Selection of central media people who have participated[5] in the leadership course. See also Norwegian Armed Forces' Russian course for a similar and overlapping network.



Alumni on Wikispooks

Thor Gjermund Eriksen2 October 1966NorwayEditorDirector General of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Willy Haugli2 August 192712 February 2009NorwayPolice officer
Ingelin Killengreen12 November 1947NorwayPolicewoman
Kristin Skogen Lund11 August 1966NorwayBusinesspersonNorwegian executive with deep state ties. Attended two Bilderbergs as Director-General of Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Nils Udgaard16 April 1940NorwayJournalist
Spooky Norwegian politician
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