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(financier, politician, lawyer)
Luis María Otero Monsegur.png
Born9 February 1914
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died26 April 2002 (Age 88)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alma materBuenos Aires University
Parents • Teótimo Martiniano Otero Oliva
• María Elena Monsegur Iturraspe
ChildrenLuis Roque Otero Monsegur
Argentinian banker who attended the 1970 Cercle meeting in Washington DC

Employment.png President of the Argentine National Bank

In office
December 10, 1962 - October 17, 1963

Luis María Otero Monsegur was an Argentine politician and lawyer. He developed an extensive career in the financial field, reaching the presidency of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic between 1962 and 1963, during the presidencies of José María Guido and Arturo Umberto Illia.

Monsegur attended Le Cercle in Washington in 1970 as detailed in a now declassified SECRET/EYES ONLY memorandum prepared by Kissinger's staff.[1]


He was born in Buenos Aires in 1914. He graduated as a lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires, at the age of 21. Later he specialized in Financial Law and Tax Law, a branch in which he stood out as an academic, which allowed him to join the Argentine Association of Tax Law Studies and the International Institute of Public Finances of Belgium.[2][3]


He was elected to a conventional constituent for the Federal Capital for the 1957 reform, for Álvaro Alsogaray's Independent Civic Party. Later he was appointed as president of the National Reinsurance Institute. His arrival at the presidency of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic took place in December 1962, under the presidency of José María Guido and he remained as such at the beginning of the presidency of Arturo Illia. During his tenure, he led different missions abroad in order to negotiate Argentina's foreign debt, such as the 1963 missions to the United States, to negotiate with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), or to Spain. He left office in October 1963.[2]

He gained control of the then Banco Francés del Río de la Plata (now BBVA) after a legal maneuver that consisted of the merger of Compañía Sud América Seguros y Alpargatas, of which he was director, with the institution in the 1980s.[2][4] Among other business positions, his positions on the board of directors of the Financiera de Londres SA, Indupa SA, President of the Argentine Export Credit Insurance Company and also as vice president of the Association of Argentine Banks stand out.[3]

He obtained a Konex Award in 1988, in the category of Entrepreneur of Banking and Financial Services. He was married to María Antonia Videla, with whom he had three children, including Luis Roque, who was his successor at the head of the Banco Francés. He passed away in April 2002.[2][3][5]


Event Participated in

Le Cercle/1970 (Washington)2 December 19702 December 1970US
Washington DC
Rockefeller family mansion
Exact dates uncertain
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