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MottoScience for a better life
FounderFriedrich Bayer
HeadquartersLeverkusen, Germany
Sponsor ofScience Media Centre
Owner of Monsanto

Bayer AG is a pharmaceutical company. As a major player in 4 controversial sectors (Healthcare (pharmaceuticals), Agriculture (seeds and agro-chemicals), Polymers (plastics, synthetic rubber, coatings) and Chemicals (chemical raw materials and specialized chemicals)) for over 125 years Bayer has a distinguished history of corporate crimes ranging from the manufacture and sale of controversial drugs (Heroin, Ciproxin and Baycol), the development of chemical warfare agents and poisons (Chlorine Gas, Zyklon B and VX), the use of forced labour during WW2, and numerous cases of poisoning, side-effects and environmental pollution connected to its chemical and pharmaceutical products.



In 2003, thousands of hemophiliacs filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against Bayer and several other companies, claiming they knowingly sold blood contaminated with HIV and hepatitis C. [1]


In August 2019, Bayer was reported to be seeking to settle all 18,000 cancer lawsuits relating to Glyphosate in the US for $8 billion.[2]


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