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Founder• John Polous
• James Hoover
Manufacturer of voting machines.

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells voting machine hardware and software. It distributes primarily to the United States and Canada.

Dominion voting machine

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A Dominion voting machine is a piece of hardware to count votes, which can be entered electronically, as well as by optical scanning devices to tabulate paper ballots.

US 2020 election

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A tweet by Donald Trump from 13. November.

The company was subjected to extensive attention following the election,[1] at which then-president Donald Trump was defeated by Joe Biden - equipment manufactured by Dominion was used to process votes in twenty-eight states, including the close battleground (swing) states of Wisconsin and Georgia. In this election, accusations of all kinds manipulation were discussed and documented, not just related to Dominion voting machines. If accusations of manipulated vote counts in favor of Biden by the Dominion systems were true, then it should be noted that as any other electronic equipment, these devices can be hacked by third parties.

Legal proceedings by Dominion

Dominion Voting Systems send their legal team against the American Thinker blog explaining that they believe "that their client has been the victim of defamatory statements", when American Thinker published a piece that was critical of Dominion.[2][3] CCM "news outlets" that otherwise have no need to mention a small political blog had the usual reaction.[4][5][6][7]