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Died10 April 1974 (Age 60)
Victim ofpremature death

John S. Earman Jr was a CIA spook who become Inspector General.


Earman’s name is particularly associated with Project Bloodstone, which began operations in 1948 under the State Department, its main purpose being to arrange evasion of U.S. Immigration laws that barred Nazis from entering the country. Its primary targets were Nazi quislings and émigrés from Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, who were usually then utilized by the CIA as covert saboteurs and assassins. Bloodstone was the route to “freedom” for not only Nazi camp guards, but for top Nazi collaborators and leaders.

The primary sponsors for Bloodstone were Frank Wisner and Robert Lovett. Wisner started off by proposing that Bloodstone allow 250 persons in, with 100 assigned to the Department of State (to be used in “Voice of America”) and 50 assigned to each military branch (including the CIA, of course).[1]

CIA Inspector General

As CIA Inspector General, Earman was unimpressed with Operation Midnight Climax. He was however more positive about MKULTRA in general, reporting that “the effectiveness of the substances on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native American and foreign, is of great significance and testing has been performed on a variety of individuals within these categories.” [2].


He died on 10 April 1974.[citation needed]