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Interests • Azov
• “Bucha massacre”

Sergey Korotkikh (Serhii Korotkykh, also known as Malyuta, or Botsman) is is a Belarusian mercenary who is accused of murder and war crimes. As reward for participating in battles with the Azov battalion he received Ukrainian citizenship on 5th December 2014.[1]

A video was leaked to the Internet on 6th August 2021, which is said to show part of an interrogation by the FSB with him agreeing to be an informant.[2]

He was active in nationalist and neo-Nazi circles in Russia and Ukraine.[3][4]


He once was accepted by the Belorussian KGB for training, but later kicked out.[5]


On, or around the 2nd of April, on his then Telegram account (botsmanua), he posted a 30 second video from Bucha with the following text (auto translated):[6][7][8]

BOATSMAN BOYS work in Bucha. In fact, there is nothing to do there anymore. Just mountains of burnt equipment and houses. Russians should watch this footage and see how they are destroying everything around them! And our cities and ourselves. We will definitely rebuild Bucha, but today this once cozy little town is a dump and ruin. Ruins of our houses, and a dump of Putin's machinery and rotting bodies of orcs.

P.S. By the way, in Bucha we met a swarthy deputy from Servants of the People, the famous wrestler Jean Beleniuk. It was unexpected. Well, well done, he did not run away and does not hide. Though he could easily do it. Other deputies were not visible. #our_war

The video was noted for sentences that were spoken in the background: "There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot them?" - "Fuck yeah".[9][10]