Piazza della Loggia bombing

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Event.png Piazza della Loggia bombing (bombing) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date10:12 May 28, 1974
LocationBrescia,  Italy
Blamed onCarlo Maria Maggi, Maurizio Tramonte, Ordine Nuovo
Injured (non-fatal)102
DescriptionBomb attack carried out by Ordine Nuovo as part of Operation Gladio. Killed 8, injured 102.

The Piazza della Loggia bombing killed 8 and injured 102 people in the Italian city of Brescia. It was carried out by Ordine Nuovo as part of Operation Gladio.

“Major attacks came in 1974, a couple years after the Peteano tragedy. On May 28, a bomb exploded at an anti-fascist rally for which 3,000 had gathered in the Italian city of Brescia, killing 8 and injuring and maiming 102 people. To cover the traces of the right- wing bombers, the square was cleaned with water hoses before the investigating magistrates could reach the scene of the crime to secure the evidence. An Italian Senate commission later observed that “the investigations immediately after the massacre were characterized by such incredible mistakes that one is left speechless.”[1]
Daniele Ganser (May 2014)  [2]


The Official Culprits

Carlo Maria Maggi
Maurizio Tramonte
Ordine NuovoA fascist group set up under the Italian Operation Gladio
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