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Status: stable
This property is for historycommons URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      HistoryCommons URLs of people, groups or events
  • Predicate:  Has historycommons
  • Object:        URLs of HistoryCommons pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas historycommons
Mark Thompsonhttp://
Strategic Defense Initiative
Abdulaziz al-Omari alomari
Adnan Ihsan Saeed al-Haideri ihsan saeed al-haideri
Caspar Weinberger weinberger
Dale Watson watson
Ehsan ul Haq ul haq 1
Felipe de Diego de diego 1
Germaine Lindsay lindsay
Hasib Hussain mir hussain
Huffman Aviation aviation
Indira Singh singh
Larry McDonald mcdonald 1
Margaret Newsham newsham 1
Melvin Goodman a. goodman
Mohammad Sidique Khan sidique khan
Philip Zack zack 1
Rex Tomb tomb 1
Richard Ben-Veniste ben-veniste
Richard Spertzel spertzel 1
Satam al-Suqami al suqami
Shehzad Tanweer tanweer
William Luti luti
Philip Giraldi giraldi
Vietnam War/My Lai Massacre
Sibel Edmonds/State Secrets Privilege Gallery
9-99/Ryazan incident
United Airlines Flight 553
2001 Mexican legislative assembly attack support for islamic militancy 2848
9-11/Premature death death 1
9-11/Israel did it/Israeli art scam israeli art students
Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ nayirah 1
Operation 40 operation 40 1
Pike Committee pike committee 1
Aafia Siddiqui siddiqui 1
ABC News news 1
Abdussattar Shaikh shaikh
Abe Fortas fortas 1
Abraham Foxman foxman 1
Abu Zubaydah zubaida
Accuracy in Media in media 1
Achim Steiner steiner 1
Adam Curtis curtis 1
Adam Ingram ingram 1
Adam Kokesh kokesh 1
Adrian Lamo lamo 1
Agha Hasan Abedi hasan abedi 1
Alain Chouet chouet 1
Alan Cranston cranston 1
Alan Greenspan greenspan 1
Aldrich Ames ames 1
Aleksander Kwaśniewski kwasniewski 1
Alex Jones jones 1
Alexander Butterfield butterfield 1
Alexander Litvinenko litvinenko 1
Alexander Haig m. haig, jr.
Alexandre de Marenches de marenches 1
Alger Hiss hiss 1
Ali Soufan soufan 1
Alisher Usmanov usmanov 1
Allan Francovich francovich 1
Allard Lowenstein lowenstein 1
Allen Dulles welsh dulles
American-Turkish Council council
ACLU civil liberties union
AIPAC israel public affairs committee 1
Amiram Nir nir 1
Andrea Mitchell mitchell 1
Andreas Straßmeir strassmeier 1
Andrew Card card
Andrew Goodpaster goodpaster 1
Andrew St. George st george 1
Angelo Codevilla codevilla 1
Anne W. Patterson w patterson 1
Armenia 1
Arne Kruithof kruithof 1
Asif Ali Zardari ali zardari 1
Association of Chief Police Officers of chief police officers 1
Austan Goolsbee goolsbee 1
Austria 1
BAE Systems systems 1
Bangladesh 1
Bank of Credit and Commerce International of credit and commerce international
Barcelona 1
Barclays Bank bank 1
Barnett Rubin rubin 1
Barry Jennings jennings 1
Barry Rubin rubin 1
Bella Abzug abzug 1
Ben Bernanke bernanke 1
Ben Bradlee bradlee 1
Bernard Kerik kerik
Bilderberg/2006 1
Bill Bradley bradley 1
Bill de Blasio de blasio 1
Bill Moyers moyers 1
Bill Murray murray 1
Billy James Hargis james hargis 1
Bing West west 1
Bob Schieffer schieffer 1
Bob Woodward woodward
Bobby Ray Inman ray inman 1
Bogdan Dzakovic dzakovic 1
Bolivia 1
Boris Berezovsky berezovsky 1
Boris Johnson johnson 1
Boston Herald herald 1
Brazil 1
Brent Scowcroft scowcroft
Brewster Jennings & Associates jennings associates 1
Brian Besanceney besanceney 1
Brian Michael Jenkins michael jenkins 1
Brian Stelter stelter 1
Brian Williams williams 1
Brigham Young University young university 1
British Aerospace aerospace 1
UK/Army army 1
Brookings Institution institution
Bruce Gebhardt gebhardt 1
Bruce Ivins ivins 1
Bruce Kovner kovner 1
Bundestag 1
California 1
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broadcasting corporation 1
Carl Bernstein bernstein 1
Carl Levin levin
Carlo Rossella rossella
Carne Ross ross 1
Carnegie Mellon University mellon university 1
Cass Sunstein sunstein 1
Cathy McMorris Rodgers mcmorris rodgers 1
CIA intelligence agency
Centre for European Reform for european reform 1
Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence for the study of terrorism and political violence 1
Chad 1
Channel 4 4 1
Bebe Rebozo bebe rebozo 1
Charles Boyd boyd 1
Chuck Colson colson 1
Charles Cook cook 1
Charles Duelfer duelfer 1
Charles Krauthammer krauthammer 1
Charles Mathias mathias 1
Charles Murray murray 1
Charles Radford radford 1
Charles Shoebridge shoebridge 1
Charlie Rose rose 1
Cheddi Jagan jagan
Chris Hedges hedges 1
Christopher Hitchens hitchens 1
Christopher Wray wray 1
Chrystia Freeland freeland 1
Chuck Rosenberg rosenberg 1
Church Committee committee 1
Claiborne Pell pell 1
Claire McCaskill mccaskill 1
Clare Edward Petty edward petty 1
Clifford Allen allen 1
Clyde Tolson tolson 1
National Coalition for Peace through Strength of peace through strength 1
Coleen Rowley rowley
Colin Newman newman 1
Colin Powell powell
College of Europe of europe 1
Colombia 1
Competitive Enterprise Institute enterprise institute 1
Conrad Black black 1
"Continuity of Government" of government 1
Council on Foreign Relations on foreign relations
"Counter-terrorism" 1
Court of Session of session 1
Craig Murray murray 1
Cressida Dick dick 1
Criminal Investigation Command investigation command 1
Cuba 1
Dahlia Lithwick lithwick 1
Daniel Ellsberg ellsberg
Daniel Nigro nigro 1
Daniel Schorr schorr 1
Danny Jowenko jowenko 1
Dartmouth College college 1
Dave Halloway hollaway 1
David Blunkett blunkett
David Brock brock 1
David Cameron cameron 1
David Cohen cohen 1
David Corn corn 1
David Davis davis 1
David Frasca frasca
David Hobbs hobbs 1
David Hoffman hoffman 1
David Horowitz horowitz 1
David Ignatius ignatius 1
David Jones jones 1
David Kelly kelly 1
David Leitch leitch 1
David Miliband miliband 1
David Owen owen 1
David Addington s. addington
David Winnick winnick 1
David Wurmser wurmser
David Young young 1
Dean Acheson acheson 1
US/Democratic Party party 1
Denmark 1
Dennis DeConcini deconcini
Dennis Ross ross 1
US/Department/Homeland Security of homeland security
Derek Burney burney 1
Dick Marty marty 1
Dimitri Simes simes 1
Dominik Suter suter
Donald Gregg gregg 1
Donald Kendall kendall 1
Donald Segretti segretti 1
Donald Trump trump 1
Donna Brazile brazile 1
Dorothy Hunt hunt 1
Douglas Feith feith
Douglas Mulholland mulholland 1
DEA enforcement administration 1
Duane Clarridge clarridge 1
Duncan Campbell campbell 1
E. Howard Hunt howard hunt 1
Edmund Muskie muskie 1
Edward Bennett Williams bennett williams 1
Edward Lansdale geary lansdale
Edward Teller teller 1
Edwin Meese meese
Egil Krogh krogh 1
Electronic Privacy Information Center privacy information center 1
Elizabeth Warren warren 1
Ellen Laipson laipson 1
Elmo Zumwalt zumwalt 1
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission employment opportunity commission 1
Eric Edelman edelman 1
Eric Margolis margolis 1
Eugene Hasenfus hasenfus 1
Eugene Rostow v rostow 1
European Commission commission 1
European Parliament parliament 1
Evan Bayh bayh 1
Executive Intelligence Review intelligence review 1
Fareed Zakaria zakaria 1
Fayez Banihammad ahmed banihammad
Bin Laden Issue Station usama bin laden unit 1
FBI bureau of investigation
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation deposit insurance corporation 1
Federal Election Commission election commission 1
Federal Emergency Management Agency emergency management agency
Felix Rodriguez rodriguez 1
Ferdinand Marcos marcos 1
Fidel Ramos ramos 1
Financial Stability Board stability board 1
The Ford Foundation foundation 1
Fouad Ajami ajami 1
Francesco Cossiga cossiga 1
Francis Fukuyama fukuyama
Frank Gardner gardner 1
Frank Lowy lowy 1
Frank Sturgis sturgis 1
Fred C. Iklé c. ikle
Fred F. Fielding fielding
Fred Krupp krupp 1
Frederic Whitehurst whitehurst 1
Frederick LaRue larue 1
G. Gordon Liddy gordon liddy 1
Gareth Peirce peirce 1
Gareth Porter porter 1
Gary Johnson johnson 1
Gene Wheaton wheaton 1
US/GAO accounting office
GeoMiliTech Consultants Corporation consultants corporation
George Alogoskoufis alogoskoufis 1
George Bell bell 1
George H. W. Bush herbert walker bush
George Tenet j. tenet
George Osborne osborne 1
George Perkovich perkovich 1
George Robertson robertson 1
George McGovern s mcgovern 1
George Shultz shultz
George Soros soros 1
George Stephanopoulos stephanopoulos 1
George W. Bush w. bush
George Will will 1
Georgetown University university 1
Georgios Papandreou papandreou 1
Gestapo 1
Giuliani Partners partners 1
Goldman Sachs sachs 1
Google 1
Gordon Smith smith 1
GCHQ communications headquarters 1
Graham Allison allison 1
Greece 1
Greenpeace 1
Gul Rahman rahman 1
Gunnar Lange lange 1
H. R. Haldeman r haldeman 1
Haider al-Abadi al-abadi 1
Halliburton 1
Hamid Gul gul
Hani Hanjour hanjour
Harold Ford ford 1
Haroon Rashid Aswat rashid aswat 1
Harriet Miers miers 1
Harvey Weinstein weinstein 1
Hassan Rouhani rouhani 1
Helmut Kohl kohl 1
Helsingin Sanomat sanomat 1
Henry Kissinger a. kissinger
Henry Ford ford 1
Henry Jackson Society jackson society 1
Herman K. Beebe k beebe 1
Hillary Clinton rodham clinton 1
UK/Home Office office 1
US/House/Select Committee/Intelligence intelligence committee
US/Senate/Committee/The Judiciary judiciary committee 1
Howard Baker baker 1
Howard Safir safir 1
Howard Stein stein 1
HuffPost post 1
Hugh Miles miles 1
Hugo Black black 1
Hugo Llorens llorens 1
Hunter S. Thompson s thompson 1
Ian Blair blair 1
Ibn al-Khattab khattab 1
"Independent Police Complaints Commission" police complaints commission 1
Indonesia 1
Infowars 1
Institute for Justice for justice 1
Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament and security committee 1
Internal Revenue Service revenue service
International Crisis Group crisis group 1
International Labour Organization labour organization 1
IMF monetary fund
Itamar Rabinovich rabinovich 1
Ivanka Trump trump 1
J. Edgar Hoover edgar hoover 1
J. William Fulbright william fulbright 1
Jack Anderson anderson 1
Jack Ruby ruby 1
Jack Valenti valenti 1
Jake Tapper tapper 1
James Jesus Angleton angleton 1
Jimmy Carter earl jimmy carter, jr.
James Earl Ray earl ray 1
James Madison madison 1
James W. McCord mccord 1
James R. Schlesinger r. schlesinger
James Q. Wilson wilson 1
Jami Miscik miscik 1
Melek Can Dickerson dickerson
Jan Schakowsky schakowsky 1
Jason Burke burke 1
Jay Carney carney 1
Jay Bybee s. bybee
Jean Charles de Menezes charles de menezes 1
Jeane Kirkpatrick kirkpatrick
Jeff Sessions sessions 1
Jeffrey Goldberg goldberg 1
Jeffrey Kaye kaye 1
Jeff Bergner t. bergner
Jeffrey Taylor taylor 1
Jeremy Corbyn corbyn 1
Jeremy Scahill scahill 1
Jerry Falwell falwell 1
Jesse Jackson jackson 1
Jim Hoagland hoagland 1
Jim Messina messina 1
Jim Yong Kim yong kim 1
Joe Arpaio arpaio 1
Joe Lockhart lockhart 1
John Brademas brademas 1
John Browne (Executive) browne 1
John D. Rockefeller d rockefeller 1
John Dean dean 1
John Edwards edwards 1
John Ehrlichman ehrlichman 1
Jeb Bush ellis ( jeb ) bush
JFK f. kennedy
John Farmer farmer 1
John Gizarelli gizarelli 1
Jack Caulfield j jack caulfield 1
John Kasich kasich 1
John Kelly kelly 1
John Kiriakou kiriakou 1
John LaFalce lafalce 1
John Magaw magaw 1
John McCain mccain
John Perry Barlow perry barlow 1
John Pilger pilger 1
John Podesta podesta 1
John Reid reid 1
John Sawers sawers 1
John Sirica sirica 1
John Smith smith 1
John Tower tower 1
John Vogt vogt 1
Johnny Roselli roselli 1
Jon Huntsman huntsman 1
Jonathan Gruber gruber 1
Josef Mengele mengele 1
Josef Stalin stalin 1
Joseph Kraft kraft 1
Joseph Trento trento 1
Josh Earnest earnest 1
Julian Amery amery 1
Julian Assange assange 1
Kai Wargalla wargalla 1
Karel Schwarzenberg schwarzenberg 1
Karim Sadjadpour sadjadpour 1
Karl Eikenberry eikenberry 1
Karl Rove rove
Katharine Gun gun
Kathleen Sebelius sebelius 1
Kaupthing Bank bank 1
Kay Bailey Hutchison bailey hutchison 1
Keith Ellison ellison 1
Kelly Ayotte ayotte 1
Ken Lisaius lisaius 1
Ken Livingstone livingstone 1
Ken Silverstein silverstein 1
Kenneth Williams williams
Kenneth Griffin griffin 1
Kevin Barrett barrett 1
Kevin Martin martin 1
Kevin Rudd rudd 1
Khalid Almihdhar almihdhar
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed shaikh mohammed
Kim Il Sung il sung 1
Kurt Haskell haskell 1
Kurt Sonnenfeld sonnenfeld 1
Kuwait 1
Kuwaiti-American Corporation american corporation kuwam 1
Kwame Nkrumah nkrumah
L. Britt Snider britt snider
L. Patrick Gray patrick gray 1
Lamar Smith smith 1
Larry Pressler pressler 1
Laura Montini montini 1
Lauri Fitz-Pegado fitz pegado 1
Laurie Mylroie mylroie 1
Lawrence Lindsey lindsey
Lawrence Wright wright 1
Le Cercle cercle 1
Lee H. Hamilton hamilton
Lee Raymond raymond 1
Lennart Johansson johansson 1
Lesley Stahl stahl 1
Lester Coleman coleman 1
Scooter Libby ( scooter ) libby
Liberty Lobby lobby 1
Library of Congress of congress 1
Licio Gelli gelli 1
Lisa Monaco monaco 1
Loretta Fuddy fuddy 1
Lorie Van Auken van auken 1
Los Angeles Times angeles times
Lyndon Johnson b. johnson
Lynn Davis davis 1
Magdy Elamir el amir
Magnus Ranstorp ranstorp 1
Mahmud Ahmed ahmed
Mahmoud Abbas abbas 1
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ahmadinejad 1
Manucher Ghorbanifar ghorbanifar
Marc Sageman sageman 1
Marco Rubio rubio 1
Margaret Beckett beckett 1
Margaret Thatcher thatcher
Marion Bowman ( spike ) bowman
Mark Ellison ellison 1
Mark Hatfield hatfield 1
Mark Koernke koernke 1
Mark McClellan mcclellan 1
Mark Sanford sanford 1
Mark Steyn steyn 1
Mark Thatcher thatcher 1
Mark Udall udall 1
Marlin Fitzwater fitzwater 1
Martin Feldstein feldstein 1
Martin Gruenberg j gruenberg 1
Martin Kramer kramer 1
Martin McDaid mcdaid 1
Marvin Bush bush
Mary Jo Kopechne jo kopechne 1
Mary Schapiro schapiro 1
Massachusetts Institute of Technology institute of technology 1
Matt Taibbi taibbi 1
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