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Person.png Kwame Nkrumah   History CommonsRdf-icon.png
Kwame Nkrumah (JFKWHP-AR6409-A).jpg
Nkroful, Gold Coast
Died1972-04-27 (Age 62)
Bucharest, Romania
Alma materLincoln University, Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, London School of Economics, University College London, Gray's Inn
Children • Francis
• Gamal
• Samia
• Sekou
SpouseFathia Rizk
PartyUnited Gold Coast Convention,  Convention People's Party

Employment.png President of Ghana Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
1 July 1960 - 24 February 1966

Employment.png Chairperson of the Organisation of African Unity Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
21 October 1965 - 24 February 1966
Preceded byGamal Abdel Nasser

Employment.png Prime Minister of Ghana

In office
6 March 1957 - 1 July 1960

Employment.png Prime Minister of the Gold Coast

In office
21 March 1952 - 6 March 1957

Official narrative

In the "Decline and fall" section, Wikipedia used at least to note the 'claim' that the coup received support from the CIA. By May 2013, it instead noted that "Nkrumah believed that the CIA had supported the coup, but this accusation was based off forged evidence given to him by the KGB. No documentary evidence exists implicating the United States in the coup."


The claim that "no documentary evidence exists implicating the United States in the coup" is belied by US government published documents that (even in the unredacted parts) state that they were seeking to end Nkrumah's rule, and were discussing a coup d'etat.

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