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(spook, journalist, deep state actor)
Amiram Nir.jpg
Born8 December 1950
Died30 November 1988 (Age 37)
Mexico city?
Cause of death
plane crash?
Victim ofmurder
Mossad Iran Contra figure who was murdered in 1988 and whose documents were subsequently mopped up by unidentified spooks.

Amiram Nir worked for the Mossad.[1]


Amiram Nir was Shimon Peres' campaign manager in 1977 and as party spokesman for Peres' party.

Iran Contra



After leaving the government Nir opened a London office for an Israeli security firm, and arranged arms and oil contracts for Mexican buyers. On 30 November his chartered Cessna developed engine trouble and crashed, apparently killing him (some reports maintain Nir had been killed previously in Mexico City).[2] After Nir's death, "a systematic series of burglaries," carried out by professionals who were never caught, targeted documents relating to the Iran-Contra Affair. One of the burglary targets was the home of Nir's widow.[3] One of two survivors of the plane crash, the Canadian Adriana Stanton, said in an Israeli television interview in 2009 that she had seen Nir alive and well after the crash.[4] On a different Israeli television program in 2014, Nir's son Nimrod stated that after years of investigating his father's death, he believed it was an assassination and suggested then-U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush as an immediate suspect.[4]

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