Dorothy Hunt

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(spook, JFK/Assassination/Premature death)
Dorothy Hunt.jpg
Born 1st April, 1920
Ohio, USA
Died December 8, 1972 (Age 52)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cause of death
Plane crash
Spouse E. Howard Hunt‎
Victim of Premature death
Spook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, E. Howard Hunt. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.

Dorothy Hunt was an "entirely savvy" woman.[1]


After World War II she joined the Central Intelligence Agency and was stationed in Shanghai, China, where she met her future husband, E. Howard Hunt. They returned to the US and settled in Maryland.[2]


Dorothy Hunt died aboard United Airlines Flight 553‎ in 1972. Many writers, including Robert J. Groden, Peter Dale Scott, Alan J. Weberman, Sherman Skolnick, Carl Oglesby and Charles Colson have suggested that Dorothy Hunt was murdered.[2]