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Formation 1972
Type • commercial
• front
Owners Rudi Dekkers

Huffman Aviation of Venice, Florida was a spooky flying school with connections to both CIA drug trafficking and 9-11.


Huffman Aviation was established in 1972 as Venice Flying Service, and was reorganized in 1987 and renamed as Huffman Aviation.[1] Huffman Aviation was purchased by Dutchman Rudi Dekkers in 1999.[2] At the time of purchase, the school had a fleet of 12 small aircraft.[2] Huffman offered private pilot, instrument rating, Commercial pilot, Multi-Engine Ratings and flight instructor training, but did not offer training on larger, jet aircraft.[3] More than 80% of the school's students were foreign nationals, following a marketing campaign designed to attract overseas students.[1]


Both Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi attended the school, purportedly in order to learn how to fly small aircraft. According to the 9/11 Official narrative, this training was sufficient for to fly the larger planes used on that day.

Drug trafficking

Huffman Aviation has various ties to both the CIA and to drug trafficking.[4][5]


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