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An FBI agent who passed on to his superiors specific information in advance of the 9/11 attacks, which they ignored.

In July 2001, FBI agent Kenneth Williams released the so called "Phoenix Memo", in which he warned about suspicious activities by Middle Eastern men at an Arizona flight school, but this memo wasn't declassified until early May 2002. Then it came out, that another FBI agent, Michael Kennedy did not prioritize this memo and was ignored by FBI-HQ leader Dale Watson, Robert J. Chiaradio and the manager of the office, Dave Frasca, who also ignored another warning by FBI agent Coleen Rowley.[1]

Another email, forwarded to FBI-terror specialist John O'Neill didn't help avoiding the attack, too. O' Neill was forced to leave the FBI and started a new job as security chief in the Twin Towers where he died on September 11th. On May 14th, 2002, it was revealed that the memo cited Osama bin Laden by name and suggested that his followers could use the schools to train for terror operations.[citation needed]

On September 20th, 2002, Williams repeated his accusations against former FBI HQ boss Dale Watson. Though hidden by a screen in new 911-hearings, his identity was leaked to the press. In these second 911-hearings, Williams revealed, that he knew thirteen days before September 11th on August 29th, 2002, that "someone will die". This info circulated in an e-mail in which he accused the NSLU: "...Thirteen days before the September 11 attacks, a frustrated FBI agent warned headquarters that "someday, someone will die" after he was denied permission to pursue a man who would become one of the hijackers. Let's hope the FBI's] National Security Law Unit will stand behind their decisions then, especially since the biggest threat to us now, UBL, is getting the most `protection"[2]


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