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(engineer, spook)
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BornMichael James Riconosciuto
SpouseBobbie Riconosciuto
Interesting character

Michael Riconosciuto is a spook and probably a deep state operative of some kind.


"Self proclaimed CIA" and very probably deep state operative.[1]


Quite probably...

October Surprise

Full article: October Surprise

Riconosciuto has stated that he has knowledge of the October Surprise.[2]

Nathan Baca's Emmy winning series "The Octopus Murders" featured documents from the archives of Michael Riconosciuto.[3] [4] These documents have been the subject of interest for recently reopened cold case homicide investigations.[5] [6]


Full article: Inslaw

In early 1991, Riconosciuto filed an affidavit before a House judiciary committee investigating the bankruptcy case of Inslaw Inc. v. United States Government.[7] Riconosciuto was called to testify before Congress regarding the modification of PROMIS, a case-management software program that had been developed for the Department of Justice by Washington, D.C.-based Inslaw Inc..[8] Riconosciuto declared that he had been under the direction of Earl Brian, who was then a controlling shareholder and director of Hadron, Inc..

Hadron[9] was a competitor to Inslaw and was also a government consulting firm with "several contracts with the Department of Defense and the CIA.".[10]

Within eight days of this declaration, Riconosciuto was arrested for conspiracy to manufacture, conspiracy to distribute, possession with intent to distribute, and with distribution - a total of ten counts related to methamphetamine and methadone.[11]

During his trial, Riconosciuto accused the Drug Enforcement Administration of stealing two copies of his tape. Then later he claimed a third was tossed by him into a Washington State swamp.

In addition to his claims of a government "frame up" related to Inslaw, Riconosciuto maintained that the chemical laboratory on his property was in use for the extraction of precious metals such as platinum in a highly specialized mining operation.[12]


Riconosciuto was released from prison on June 27, 2017. He was rearrested by 16 August 2017.[13]