Alexander Butterfield

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Person.png Alexander Butterfield   History Commons SpartacusRdf-icon.png
(spook, soldier)
Born 1926-04-06
Pensacola, Florida
Alma mater University of Maryland, College Park, George Washington University, University of California, San Diego
The spook who installed the taping system for Richard Nixon.

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In office
March 14, 1973 - March 31, 1975

Employment.png Federal Aviation Administrator

In office
March 14, 1973 - March 31, 1975

Alexander Butterfield was, as Russ Baker wrote "the man who actually came bearing the knife with which Richard Nixon would commit political hari-kiri".


Alexander Butterfield denied that he was in the CIA but admitted that from 1961 to 1964 he had worked as a military aide to the CIA, rehabilitating people who were involved in the Bay of Pigs. Years later[When?] he admitted that just before joining the White House staff, he was working as trhe US military's CIA liaison in Australia. He claimed that Ehrlichman had written to him asking to employ him in the White House, but Ehrlichman denied this.[1]


Alexander Butterfield installed a taping system for president Richard Nixon, which The Cabal later used to have him removed from the office.[2]