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Sibel Edmonds State Secrets Privilege Gallery.png
Formation6 January 2008
Membership• Richard Perle
• Douglas Feith
• Eric Edelman
• Marc Grossman
• Brent Scowcroft
• Larry Franklin
• Dennis Hastert
• Roy Blunt
• Dan Burton
• Tom Lantos
• Bob Livingston
• Stephen Solarz
• Graham E. Fuller
• David Makovsky
• Alan Makovsky
• Yusuf Turani
• Sabri Sayari
• Mehmet Eymur
The State Secrets Privilege Gallery was created by Sibel Edmonds as a way of fingering people she was prohibited from mentioning

Not to be confused with the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition/Dirty Dozen.

Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Privilege Gallery is a webpage containing people's pictures. Sibel has not clarified their significance, but "we can reasonably presume that they are the 21 guilty people in her case".[1]


Sibel Edmonds created the gallery on 6 January 2008.[2] Its creation was Edmonds' way of responding to a legal gag order placed over her - i.e. a threat that she must not tell information she knows about certain people and their activities.


Three images are missing, marked by a ? icon. The images are presented in 3 groups:

Former Pentagon and U.S. State Department officials

U.S. Congressmen

Think Tankers

Most of them are associated by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy